Check out this hilariously funny and real-world blog from my friend Clint Edwards . . .

This guy doesn’t screw around… he started his blog last year and since then has been featured on Good Morning America, The New York Times, and The Washington Post! Great stuff from a great talent.

After visiting his blog here:

No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog

and reading a few of his amazing short blog posts… stop by his Kickstarter page and pay your respects by donating a dollar or ten or twenty, whatever suits your fancy. He’s on his way to publishing a book of his essays and needs a little help from other writerly types, friends, fans, and well, cool people :).

For more info and/or to donate… go here:

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things:

Essays On Parenting

Need free eBooks? Great article with several links to free eBooks libraries . . .

There are several links to other free eBooks at the bottom of the article… Pretty cool stuff!


Bloom, poem by Winston Plowes (Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series)


Beautifully creative and visual found poem (from a Kim Kardashian interview!) Check out this short, lovely piece from a fellow Ouliposter Winston Plowes.

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

by Winston Plowes

I’m addicted to me –

Sugar this woman open
like a hip shifting
and explain to millions why.


SOURCE: “Kim Kardashian: In Search of the K Factor” by  Alyssa Giacobbe, DuJour Magazine(Spring 2013).

PHOTO: Kim Kardashian by Bruce Weber, DuJuour Magazine (Spring 2013).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In this erasure I have tried to distil the found words of Kim Kardashian into something hopefully poetic.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Teacher, compere, performer and poet, Winston Plowes spends his days fine-tuning background noise and rescuing discarded words. These are re-sculpted over a glass of wine into poetry birds he releases by night to fly to new homes in poetry journals and online destinations worldwide. He lives in a floating home in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK, where he tries to persuade his two black cats that it’s a good idea for them to do the same. Visit…

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Several new poems now available on my Poetry page . . .

My Poetry page now links to several more of my published poems. I also added a link to the bottom of each so it’s easy to jump to the next poem on the list. Enjoy!

In Transit poetry anthology including two of my poems now available . . .

This unique collection of poets from around the world includes two of my more recent poems, “Pressed” and “Railroad About the Truth.” You can order it here!

in transit


Poems of loss and recovery published in October’s Verse-Virtual . . .

This month’s edition of Verse-Virtual published four of my poems. Also, please take a few minutes to browse the poems of the other incredible writers included in the October edition.

I am the Bride, poem by Trish Hopkinson (Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series)


Published by Silver Birch Press today as part of their Celebrity Free Verse series…

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

I am the Bride
by Trish Hopkinson

When I really like a girl
I call her ”kiddo.”
I am a loner,
the way I talk with my hands [laughing]
like Elvis Presley on crack, all right?
You get comfortable with your own company—
read, listen to music . . .
It’s like, no worries.
But you can get bored with it.
That can happen.
A little bit of—yeah, okay, exactly—
It’s a mixed bag.
I am able to truly, in this town, live
the life of an artist,
create something—
one big book about comic books,
spaghetti Westerns, and Hong Kong kung fu films—
a cool little story and everyone liked it.
I am the Bride.
The characters are also me
with little feminine tendencies.
Sometimes I want to look handsome,
dress in nice stuff . . .
More of an old sexy lion,
style is cranked up,
you know…

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