As a sucker for great line breaks…

I found this article pretty interesting. Enjoy!
Learning the Poetic Line

Verse-virtual created a beautiful ekphrastic themed page of my work in the September issue…

You can view two of my poems with the art from which they were inspired here: Verse-Virtual: Trish Hopkinson

Please also take some time to peruse the other incredible writers featured in this month’s edition.


Published by The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society today…

Check out this cool journal and see my poem which was published on their site today!


In memory of Jerry Garcia… 19 years gone

Dance Dead Show



Leaves of Grass printed using original printing methods . . .

Great PBS article on Leaves of Grass first edition re-printing: Letter by letter, turning Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’ into a work of art

“In an old industrial building in San Francisco, the lines of American poet Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” are being printed exactly as they were when the first edition was published in 1855. Jeffrey Brown visits Arion Press, one of the country’s last fine book printers that handcrafts works from start to finish.”


Beautiful interview with Tori Amos and how poetry has affected her life . . .

Tori reading Poe and Plath, etc. She’s got great taste in poetry :).

It was a great week for my poetry!

I received not one, but two acceptances for poems from different journals on the same day earlier this week, plus I also received a nice personal rejection with comments and a note that my chapbook had been in the top five for consideration to be published. Then yesterday I received notice that my chapbook Souvenir was in the quarter finalists for the Mary Ballard Poetry Prize… very exciting!

The two poems accepted were “Breast-giver” for Issue 3 of Reconnaissance Magazine, which offers a print version; and “Barbershop Protest” in the August 2014 issue of The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society.


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