List of Paying Lit Mags/Journals from Poetry Has Value

Poetry Has Value is a blog by professor and poet Jessica Piazza. The blog description reads:

“Recently, I was inspired by the poet Dena Rash Guzman’s personal challenge to send her poetry to paying markets in 2015. I was so inspired, in fact, that I decided to spend the next whole year submitting poetry ONLY to paying journals and markets, and recording what happens in this blog. I also decided to use this space to simultaneously explore deeper questions of poetry’s value and worth (monetary or otherwise.)”

There are several interesting posts from other authors on the site, including one from friend and fellow poet E. Kristin Anderson on her experience with a speculative fiction mag. The articles explore issues whether or not poetry is a commodity, why prose pays more, etc. Jessica has also added a great resource for all poets looking to submit to paying markets and has asked that her readership continue to add to a public Google doc list.

Make sure to support this project, add any paying markets you know of to the list, and follow Poetry Has Value for upcoming articles and experiences from authors.

Click here for the list: Journals That Pay For Poems

Click here for the article: Journals That Pay For Poems: A Resource

Click here to see my list and download the spreadsheet: Paying Markets for Emerging Poets

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PAYING/NO FEE Submission Call – NonBinary Review, DEADLINE: Oct. 31, 2015

NonBinary Review pays 1 cent per word for fiction and nonfiction, and a flat fee of $10 per poem and $25 per piece of visual art

Their current themed issue submission call:

Issue #7: Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White 

You can read the The The Woman in White here:

DEADLINE: October 31, 2015

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Need a poetry fix or share your work with a world audience? World Poetry Open Mic is your cure . . .


Share your work with a wide audience and listen in to poets live!

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:

Every Friday night at 8pm MT / 7pm PT tune in online to hear poetry or read your own. This show is in it’s third year and you can check out archive shows to see if it’s the poetry forum you’re looking for. (It appears they play music for about the first 30 minutes of the archived recordings, so you may need to skip ahead to the poetry show). The hosts are experienced and entertaining. Definitely worth a listen!

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If you’re going to read your work on the air, there are only a few basic rules:

1. Poems should be 1 to 3 minutes in length

2. No F-bombs

3. No hate speech

You can also follow WPOM on Facebook.

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Facebook for Authors–Do you know how to manage your Facebook presence?

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:

This thorough and easy to read Getting Started Guide by Jane Friedman advises authors how to manage their Facebook presence. She provides advice on several questions/concerns authors may have about managing Facebook, including:

  • when to use a personal page vs. a fan page
  • types of content to share
  • key principles for using Facebook
  • how to target posts
  • behaviors to avoid

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Jane offers lots of great advice on her blog Jane Friedman: Helping authors and publishers flourish in the digital age.

Click here to subscribe to her weekly digest email.

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Tips For Publishing Chapbooks by Susan Rich

This excellent article by Susan Rich provides insights and tips on how to best present your chapbook to presses and contests. The article includes ten well-described tips from her personal editing experience, including:

  1. Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.
  2. Follow the Rules
  3. Create a Theme that Provides Coherence
  4. Ordering your Manuscript is an Art
  5. Know the Press Before You Press Send
  6. Think about a Book Doctor or Outside Editor
  7. Keep Track of Your Expenses; Start a Poetry Account
  8. Research, Research, Research
  9. Think About Publishing Creatively
  10. Don’t Get Discouraged!

Tips For Publishing Chapbooks and Applying to Residencies – What I’ve Learned As A Judge


Susan Rich is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently, Cloud Pharmacy and The Alchemist’s Kitchen, which was a Finalist for the Foreword Prize and the Washington State Book Award. Her other books include Cures Include Travel (2006) and The Cartographer’s Tongue / Poems of the World (2000) which won the PEN USA Award for Poetry and the Peace Corps Writers Book Award. She is the recipient of awards from Artist’s Trust, 4Culture, The Times Literary Supplement of London, Seattle Mayors Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the Fulbright Foundation. Susan’s poems have been published in many journals including: Antioch Review, Gettysburg Review, Harvard Review,and The Southern Review.

NO FEE Submission Call for Vagabonds: Anthology of Mad Ones

This anthology put together by Weasel Press is a great project. The editor is very approachable so this is a perfect place for new and emerging writers to submit.

“Our anthology publishes twice a year. We harbor the mad ones. People who are dedicated to their work to the point that they become misunderstood, or seen as a hot mess of crazy. Our anthology does not seek to break boundaries, we want to break boundaries and go farther. We want the shameless—the deep dark, cigarettes and dirty words combo. Although there is not a set theme of what we’re looking for, we often look at slice of life works.”

Deadline: August 31, 2015

Forms: Poetry, short fiction, prose, creative non-fiction, plays, movie excerpts, photography, artwork


Vagabonds: Anthology Of The Mad Ones Submission Guidelines

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Call for Submissions – Need inspiration? This call includes a prompt!


Two more first line prompts and submission calls coming up this year. The next deadline is August 1.

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:

The First Line Literary Journal: It all starts the same but….

This unique format journal provides poets with the first line for each of their quarterly issues.

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From their site: “We love the fact that writers around the world are inspired by our first lines, and we know that not every story [or poem] will be sent to us. However, we ask that you do not submit stories starting with our first lines to other journals (or post them online on public sites) until we’ve notified you as to our decision (usually two to three weeks after the deadline). . . . We do not – nor will we ever – charge a submission fee, nor do we rank our stories in order of importance. Occasionally, we run contests to help…

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