Get Ready! National Poetry Month 2015 is coming up in April


Only three more days until National Poetry Month! Lots of great ways to participate…

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:

“National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and, of course, poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives.” Read more about the creation of National Poetry Month here at

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Ways to participate:

Download the National Poetry Month logo (in color, grayscale, for web or print)

Order a free National Poetry Month poster

Learn how to participate in National Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 30, 2015

Sign up to receive a poem-a-day in your email inbox

Participate in 30 poems in 30 days prompts and poet web site listings (kicks off in March, but you can see previous year prompts if you want…

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Paying Call for Submissions – West Branch pays $50, Deadline April 1, 2015!


Still a few more days to get something in to this paying market!

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:

West Branch doesn’t charge fees for submissions, but they do pay contributors. Per their submission page, “Payment is awarded for accepted works in the amount of $50 per submission of poetry, and $.05/word for prose with a maximum payment of $100. Additionally, we provide each contributor with two copies of the issue in which his/her work appears and a one-year subscription to West Branch.”

If you hurry, you can order a back issue for only $6 to see what types of writing they typically accept.

Click here to read their Submission Guidelines.

DEADLINE: April 1, 2015

If you subscribe to Duotrope, check out their Duotrope listing here.

As with all submissions, read the guidelines carefully and read what you can of their previous issues to make sure your work is a good fit. Click here for more Submission Tips.

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Submit to Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines Using Selby’s List

Sellby’s List is an international list of lit mags who are open to experimental poetry and art submissions. The extensive list is international and you can view listings for the following regions:

The lists and page are now managed by Jon Henson, a professor and writing and development manager, but were originally created by Spencer Selby in 1993. He describes his motivation for the project on the About page:

“I started Selby’s List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines in 1993, in response to what I felt was a serious need. The original goal was to supply reliable up-to-date info about innovative poetry magazines in the U.S. This quickly expanded, first to include all English speaking countries and then the world. Originally Selby’s List was a single sheet of letter size paper, covered with small print front and back. This was a freely circulating document that poets were encouraged to reproduce and give to others. This document came out every two or three months and it became quite popular, at least with young and emerging innovative poets. Especially those who were not well-connected appreciated the list. The idea was to open up info about serial publishing activity in what had been a fairly insulated section of the poetry world. The word “art” was added to the list name mainly because of artistic activity that innovative poets had been associated with, such as Visual Poetry, Mail Art and Fluxus. To that list would now be added forms of digital art, asemic writing and glitch art.”

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See your name listed online with other poets on Poets & Writers and Winning Writers!

Looking for ways to promote your writing and get your name out there? I recently was listed with two major writing resource sites:

- My listing on Poets & Writers

- My listings on Winning Writers: 

  1. Markets and Contests for Writers
  2. Recommended Authors

If you are listed on other sites or have recommendations on other online listings for self-promotion, please add them to the comments below.

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Poets & Writers – Apply to Be Listed

Complete their application by providing some details about your publications. Each publication entered is worth a certain number of points, and once you have entered enough to accrue 12 points, your application will be reviewed and added to their listings. Click here for more information on their Criteria for Listing.

Winning Writers

Write to the staff at Winning Writers and provide information and links to your work to see if you’re a good fit for their listings. you can contact them via their About Us page here.



Waiting Around (after Walking Around by Pablo Neruda) by Trish Hopkinson


My poem “Waiting Around (after Walking Around by Pablo Neruda)” was published on PoetryPasta today as part of their Women’s History Month series. Special thanks to Valeri Beers for posting it!

Originally posted on PoetryPasta :

It so happens, I am tired of being a woman.
And it happens while I wait for my children to grow
into the burning licks of adulthood. The streaks
of summer sun have gone,
drained between gaps into gutters,
and the ink-smell of report cards and recipe boxes
cringes me into corners. Still I would be satisfied
if I could draw from language
the banquet of poets.
If I could salvage the space in time
for thought and collect it
like a souvenir. I can no longer
be timid and quiet, breathless
and withdrawn.
I can’t salve the silence.
I can’t be this vineyard
to be bottled, corked,
cellared, and shelved.
That’s why the year-end gapes with pointed teeth,
growls at my crow’s feet, and gravels into my throat.
It claws its way through the edges of an age
I never planned to reach

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What is a chapbook and how do I create/submit one?

Check out this great article “What is a Chapbook?” by friend and fellow poet E. Kristen Anderson. You read more about her on her lovely, informative blog here: Write All the Words!

This article not only gives a short explanation of what a chapbook is, but also gives a bit of history, how they come together, and some info on the do-it-yourself nature of chapbooks. E.K. also gives great advice on chapbook publishers and contests, how to start submitting, and where to get some of the best chapbooks out there.

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What Is a Chapbook?


You may also want to check out these chapbook related blog posts:

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Want to create a chapbook? Get it published or print your own . . .

“A Crash Course in Shameless Book Promotion” Tips from Blue Light Press


Online LIVE Poetry Open Mic!


This monthly open mic is happening today folks! Tune in to listen or read one of your own poems.

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:

Poetry Super Highway hosts an online broadcast once a month in a poetry open mic format. You can call in and read your poetry live and hear other great poets, along with spoken word recordings, and related poetry announcements. Tune in on Sunday, December 14 at 2pm Pacific Time.

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psh live

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