Excellent found poem published in JAB by Kelly Nelson

Incredible work by Kelly Nelson created as a found poem from a recent news article.

JAB is also accepting submissions!


Do you know how to promote your writing using social media?

Another great, quick article from Writer’s Circle provides tips on how to get the most out of your social media efforts and promote your writing in an effective way.

6 Social Media Tips for Writers



Where Does The Smell of Old Books Come From? | IFLScience

Check out this quick explanation of why love the smell of old books:

Where Does The Smell of Old Books Come From? | IFLScience


Learning to Dance, poem by Carol A. Stephen (Mythic Poetry Series)


Exquisite poetry from fellow poet Carol Stephen published on Silver Birch Press today as part of their Mythic Poetry Series. I love the way this creates a myth of childhood. Great stuff!

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

by Carol A. Stephen

There’s something elemental in the odour of death,
each myth dissected, the way boys dissect frogs,
then wash hands in the pond’s fog. Each remembers
the veined legs, the death-croak, wonders
what to tell mother when she asks
What possessed you?

It’s a boy thing, a tradition, this call down to the river.
Answers mothers have forgotten:
how to balance on a log, counting to thirteen.
Things children know:
The call of the desert, summer wind, dancing silent.
Sacrifice at the oasis, the offering of young bulls.
Their death songs recede into sand, drift into
each mouth, the labour of their last breath.

Children burn through days believing nine religious things.
Whisper secrets. Escape from prayers, their auras
clear and hollow, drawn always to water, to riverbed.
Every child learns to walk at an angle, to memorize
the mysteries of ancestors kept in…

View original 239 more words

Beautifully done audio of Sylvia Plath’s work now available online . . .

Today is Sylvia Plath’s birthday, she would have turned 82 today; making her 40 years my senior and the same age as my grandmother. Click to listen to this radio program recording from Clocktower Radio, posted today by Aerogramme Studio.

The recording includes readings from The Beehive, Stings, Fever 103, New Statue, Cut, Contusion, Daddy,Death & Co., Angelfire, The Colossus, The Applicant, A Fatherless Son, Lesbos, and excerpts from The Bell Jar. The recording is described by Charles Ruas as a program “primarily devoted towards the dark and feminist undertones in Plath’s work. This implication was magnified by the female actresses that participated in the reading of her works. The participants included; Dorothy Dells, Sandra Lowell, Jay MacIntosh, Juliana McCarthy, Constance Pfeiffer, Judith Roberts, Joan Strauss, and Sheri Tyler.”


“Poetry is back in the news”–Rattle call for submissions . . .

Rattle is a highly competitive writer’s market, but this fairly new project “Poets Respond” allows them to publish on their site a poem inspired by a story in the news (from the current week) and they pay selected poets $25!

Submissions are due by midnight on Friday night and one poem is selected and published online each Sunday.

Click here for details on their submission page.


You should check out the Rattle Poets Respond Duotrope listing as well, which includes Acceptance and Rejection rates, as well as more information about the project.

Need a local writing group for inspiration and feedback?

This seems fairly well developed. Their stats are included in the graphic below… maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll start one just for poetry in my area :). That said, there were five groups within 25 miles of Utah County… not a big metro area, worth checking out! Writers so do need other writers…



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