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Cultured Vultures is Creating Opportunities for Writers

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Jimmy Donnellan created Cultured Vultures to give writers and poets a chance to get their work published and in front of a broad readership, to give them that first break.

Jimmy explains on his About page, “The inspiration for Cultured Vultures came to me after I realised that everyone needs a break and that little something to beef up their C.V. This site is for everyone and anyone with a passion for writing and all you have to do is submit an article on any subject in popular culture and when it's published, it could be that little break that you need. . . Don't hesitate, the article can be anything. Anything you love, anything you hate, just anything.”

Jimmy published the first article I sent him, (The Best 'Best of' Lists for Writers from 2014) and has been gracious and supportive of my poetry and blog. You can check out the Cultured Vultures submission page here.

He has created a huge community of talented, supportive writers, and provides free content on just about any subject. He also hosts the Poem of the Week competition every week, to help give poets the readership they need.

Now he needs just a little bit of help to continue running his site. He’s not asking for much, just a measly dollar a month to keep Cultured Vultures up and running and to eventually eliminate ads all together.

Click here to support an invaluable writers community!

If you need more information, you can email Jimmy directly at

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