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Ten Premodern Poems by Women online poetry class

Don’t miss out on this intriguing online poetry class offered by Stanford. You can register now to sign up. The course staff includes Professor Eavan Boland, Dr. Irena Yamboliev, and Dr. Kenneth Ligda.

The course runs for ten weeks (March 31 – June 9), includes the text of each poem and talks by Professor Boland, as well as other practicing poets and scholars.

“In this course, we will read ten significant premodern poems by women. We have chosen each poem to give you a sense of its structure as a poem and its importance as a form in its time. This course also reveals the roots each poem has in history, in slavery, in conventional thought and unorthodox opinion. Through the introductions to the poems, forum discussions with your fellow participants, and talks by Professor Boland and practicing poets and scholars, we will learn about how poets have fashioned life experience into verse, how to discuss poetry, and what poetry means for each of us today.”

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For more information, watch their course video description below.

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    This course starts on March 31! Still time to register. “Professor Eaven Boland provides an introduction to poetry though the works, and the life stories, of ten women.”

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