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NO FEE Call for Submissions for Duende, Deadline May 15, 2015 #Duende

Duende has a great submission guidelines page that describes what they are looking for, a quick reference list of “One Dozen Brass Tacks” to explain submission formatting and other details, as well as Genre Specifications for poetry, prose, translations, and visual art and collaborations.

"We are especially interested in collaborations between two or more writers, or between writers and visual artists. We accept submissions from writers working in English, or translating into English, from anywhere in the world."

"If your poetry is rough-cut diamonds, slightly off-kilter; if your fiction will make us feel more human and less alone; if you enjoy exploration of new forms at the edges of the literary universe; if you can bring us elegant translations of literature from far corners of the globe; if your nonfiction is wild and honest; if your visual art is raw and earnest'show us. We want to see it."

Duende posts their issues online, so you can read what types of work they are submitting. Spend some time reading past issues and submit your best work. For more info on submitting, read my Submission Tips here.

DEADLINE: May 15, 2015


  • Per the current editor, they are also open to found poetry, erasures, etc.
  • They are also interested in publishing work from writers and artists that are typically underrepresented. Read their About Us page for more info.


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