31 Contemporary Poets You Need To Read by Sarah Galo of Buzzfeed #NaPoMo

31poetsThis article by Sarah Galo boasts a superb and wonderfully diverse lineup of poets making their mark today. Support these poets by going to their web sites, requesting their books at your local library, purchasing their books at a local independent bookstore, (or sadly, if there’s not one), purchase from an online independent book seller.

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To find a local independent bookseller in your area:

The Fearless Independents

Search for local, physical indie bookstores or if there’s not one nearby, you can search for online booksellers as well.

To find an independent book seller, check out one of these great sites:

SocialbriteBetter book buying: 10 socially conscious online bookstores

A list with specific descriptions of socially conscious online bookstores, additional online book resources, and other independent bookstore resources.

Independent Online Booksellers Association

The IOBA site includes an online store, a member directory, resources, and more. “When you join IOBA, you are strengthening the ranks of a trade association that preserves traditional bookselling standards and traditions while embracing new technologies.”

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  1. Since my main exposure to poetry is via slam and even that is pretty limited, I hadn’t heard of most of the poets listed (not even the pulitzer prize winners!). It was good to see Ocean Vuong on the list. I’ve been a fan of his poetry since about 2009. I had heard of Yusef Komunyakaa but have yet to read his work. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

    • It’s amazing to me how small the poetry world can be. Thanks so much for your comments. Your sailing trip looks amazing and I’m following that blog page now. I’m assuming you’ll be performing poetry along the way as well? I’ll make sure to tell Jesse how we bumped into each other next time I see him and I’m looking forward to following your adventures!

      • Definitely a small world! Thanks for the follow! I hope to perform at whatever open mics are available as I go but nothing planned as far as features. (Hard to plan when sailing is dependent on the wind and currents which are on their own schedule!) 🙂

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