Writing Resources

FREE Guides for Authors from bookbaby – tons of great publishing and marketing info and tips!

The bookseller bookbaby provides a download of all of their author guides for FREE. “Bestselling authors and industry pros offer tips on how to make it as a DIY author in today’s eBook marketplace. All these guides are free and easily downloadable as PDF files.”

You can even download them all at once in a zip file here.


  • The Frugal Book Promoter – Master the art of marketing your book on a super tight budget.
  • The end. Now what?! – 6 steps to take your manuscript to marketplace in 6 weeks.
  • The Hybrid Author Game Plan – Self-publish your way to your dream of a traditional publishing deal
  • Unlock Your Amazon Keywords – Harness the power of search terms to help readers find – and buy – your eBook.
  • eBook Publishing: The How-To Guide for Writers – How to make, price, promote, and sell your eBook.
  • Twitter for Authors in 10 Minutes a Day – Practical tips to promote your book on Twitter in less than 10 minutes a day.
  • eBook Fundraising – Planning successful fundraising with eBooks created by and for your school or organization.
  • Making Money With Your eBook – How to think like a marketer to sell more books. Learn all about USPs, metadata, affiliate marketing, and more.
  • Blogging 101 – Everything you need to use blogging to promote your new eBook.
  • 5 Secrets of Successful Authors – Bestselling authors offer tips on everything from writing to self-promotion.
  • Grow your business with eBooks – How companies large and small are using eBooks to grow their lists and market their products and services.
  • Printed Book Design 101 – Making a printed book is easy…thanks to this free guide.


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