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NO FEE Submission Call for Poetry WTF?! – Remix, Sculpture, and Mutated poetry . . .


Poetry WTF?! is now accepting submissions for artistic and inventive poetry forms. You can see examples of of the poetry they publish on their site. Below is the beginning of each form’s definition from their About (click here to see the rest) page:

Remix Poetry

“Remix poetry is the literary equivalent of Youtube remix videos. We take a famous poem or two, throw a few catchphrases into the mix, and out comes Dr. Seuss sounding like Shakespeare. Hurrah!”

Sculpture Poems

Sculpture poems view an existing text, usually a famous poem, as a block of bronze at which to chip away and create a new work of art. In other words, sculpture poetry is created through subtraction.”

Mutated Poetry

“When a poem is transformed into something else, not through mixing or taking away, but by changing something fundamental about it, we may say that it has mutated. The revolution could be pronounced, or it could be subtle, but the transformation should not be in doubt. At the same time the resulting work's lineage is traceable.”

Neon Light Poetry

“Neon Light Poetry is named after those bright neon billboards that light up festive and advertising messages. When combined with another retro favourite, the animated gif, we find a happy medium - pun intended! - that provides a fun and colourful way for poetry to get its message across.”

For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

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DEADLINE: Submissions are always open


FORMS: Remix, Sculpture, Mutated poetry, and Neon Light Poetry


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