What are these Utah poets up to?

We had a great first year and have big plans for 2016! Go check out our events, publications, and other neat stuff on our web site :).

Trish Hopkinson

In January of this year, my most exceptional poet friend, Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen and I embarked on a new poetic adventure–one that I am certain will become a staple in the Utah literary community for years to come. We were searching for a creative and academic poetry community, one where poets could share, learn, and support each other. And so began Rock Canyon Poets.

Orogeny Cover June 2015We are proud to announce our first poetry collection of 28 poems, Orogeny. Now available for purchase in our new store! Orogeny is the first in a series that will ultimately become an online journal and local press. You can sample Utah poetry and support our mission by picking up a copy at our Poetry Store for a measly $5 (Only $5! Shut up and take my money, or paypal, or whatever.)

Individually, these poets have received an array of local and national awards, and…

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