Submishmash – A fun way to find submission deadlines . . .

Trish Hopkinson

Submishmash allows writers and other artists to view open submission calls randomly, by type (writing, art, sound, film) or by deadlines. It’s a fun and interesting way to visually wade through the many submission calls available. Built by our friends at Submittable, “Submishmash is a living catalog of all contemporary art, literature, music and film outlets and opportunities on Earth. Listings are constantly updated and accessible via an open API. You can explore, find, share and group opportunities.” You can subscribe to their weekly Submishmash newsletter here.

Not only can you sort by deadlines, but you can use the link below to isolate only poetry submission calls. Click the image for the submission call you’re interested in to unveil a summary and a link to their site.

Poetry by Deadlines search link:http://www.submishmash.com/tagged/poetry?sort=deadlines

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