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FREE Contest/FREE Poetry! – Origami Poems Project, DEADLINE: March 1, 2016

12342277_1204266442920788_8369772328432988912_nI can’t believe I’m just now hearing about this amazing project! “The mission of the Origami Poems Projectâ„¢ is the encouragement of literature & the arts by bringing Free Poetry to everyone through the printing and distribution (world-wide) of free Origami micro-chapbooks as well as through poetry events, both of which engender increasing awareness of and appreciation for the art of poetry… and for the poet in all of us.”

They are currently open for submissions for their FREE contest with the theme “Kindness” which was inspired by this quote:

“My religion is simple.  My religion is kindness.” – Dalai Llama

For more info Origami Poems and their non-profit status, check out their Who We Are page and don’t forget to take a moment to support them with a donation of any size. They are completely funded by donations. And with a tagline like “Helping the world, one free micro-chapbook at a time” how can you resist!

clothesline poems clipped

They have lots of other information on their page as well, including:

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For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

Click here to enter their 2016 Kindness poetry contest

DEADLINE: March 1, 2016


PRIZE: Winners presented with Special Origami Micro-chapbook

FORMS: Poem may be any length but no longer than 50 lines.

NOTES: Submit up to two poems. Finalist Judge is CA poet/artist Peg Quinn.

Click here to submit to Origami Poems micro-chapbooks

DEADLINE: Open for submissions all months, EXCEPT April and August


FORMS: Specific format, read guidelines carefully and download their examples

PAYMENT: “Upon acceptance we’ll post your book under your own Bio page. You’ll receive a packet of your Origami micro-chapbooks to read, share, or display on the tiniest of bookshelves.” Plus, the warm fuzzy feeling of sharing your poems!


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  1. I just thought of this kind of project about a month ago as another form of ephemera – for working with small groups. I am hoping that you only mean that this particular project is Trade Marked …

    • Oh yes, that’s just their name. They have instructions on how to create the books on their site. I talked to them today about how we are planning to do something similar for local poets here in Provo, UT too.

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