Call for Submissions

Poetry prompts that inspire + submission call–, DEADLINE: May 30, 2016

I may be a bit biased (because I’ve sat in on his classes and enjoyed his performance poetry for years), but Rob Carney’s guest blog posts on are not to be missed! Each post is a story, a poem, and will give you a little insight to his writing process. You can view all his blog posts here.

Most recently, in Electrical Engineering he writes about the Wasatch Front–the weather, the lightning, the circuits, and robots and buffalo and . . . He asks questions and provides a list.

PROMPT: Answer the questions and/or create your own list.

“Electrical Engineering” Old Roads, New Stories: A Blog Series by Rob Carney on

His post Addition + Subtraction in February isn’t about math, it’s about home and homes–how a home is not just the house, but it’s placement–what’s outside.

PROMPT: Write a poem about a house, but not really. Write about its place.

“Addition + Subtraction” Old Roads, New Stories: A Blog Series by Rob Carney on is a gorgeous online “Journal of the Built + Natural Environments.” They publish a broad variety of writers and genres, including poetry, nonfiction, fiction, interviews, reviews, and blog posts. Not only is this online journal a great read, but once you’ve become familiar, consider submitting your own work. Regular submissions are open until May 30, 2016 with no fee to submit. They also run a contest year-round.

Click here for’s submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: May 30, 2016


FORMS:  poetry, essays, fiction, articles, artwork, videos, and other contributions


For more info on how to submit your work to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

Rob Carney’s fourth book 88 Maps was just released by Lost Horse Press (distribution by University of Washington Press). Read the detailed review by Julie Marie Wade on The Rumpus here. Other books and chapbooks include Story Problems and Weather Report, from Somondoco Press. You can also read his poetry in 4th Annual Contest Winner and Issue 30. And listen to a new radio interview with Rob Carney.

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