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List of PAYING lit mags from Poetry Has Value + poets share their $$$ stats

phv2Poetry Has Value is a blog created by professor and poet Jessica Piazza. Jessica is a great supporter of poets and has been tracking her poetry dollars since early 2015. For 2016, she’s not alone–several other poets have committed to sharing their dollars spent on submission fees and other related purchases in comparison to the money they bring in for publications. You’ll recognize names like Karen Craigo, creator of Better View of the Moon blog and Sarah Frances Moran, editor of Yellow Chair Review, along with many other talented poets–all contributing to the efforts of Poetry Has Value. With bold transparency, you can see directly into their submission/publication process, where they submit, what it costs, what they bring in.

Her blog description reads:

“Here you’ll find posts about my experiences over the year, but also lists of paying markets, interviews with and advice from editors and publishers who pay poets, and essays by esteemed friends and colleagues who have opinions on the subject or are participating in this experiment themselves.”

Click here for Poetry Has Values list of Journals That Pay For Poems.

Click here to see my list of Paying Markets for Emerging Poets.

I recently spoke with Jessica on after reading her latest post, including all participating poets’ February statistics. I asked her, what can other poets do to help?

Jessica: “The more poets comment and share, the better this project is for all of us. I’m so proud of the bloggers who have joined me to pull back the curtain on this topic of poetry, money and worth . . . especially since most people are so loathe to talk about (or admit) the gains and costs of their poetry practices. They’re not just doing it for themselves (it can be difficult work, and sometimes even causes self-doubt!), but it’s for the benefit of everyone who does the hard work of writing and gives the amazing gift of sharing their poetry. Join me in celebrating them!”


Poetry Has Value is  looking for guest blog posts, as well as editors of paying journals or sites who would be willing to be interviewed about the financial process for her Editor Interview series. You can contact Jessica here for more information or message her on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m so impressed with Jessica’s dedication to this project. Blogging is so much work and she’s really contributing in valuable and amazing ways to the state of poetry in general. Help her get the word out!


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