Need poetry/writing prompts? Cahoodaloodaling's prompts are inspired by poems . . .

The online lit mag Cahoodaloodaling has a new feature called Prasanna's Parrot Picks & Prompts - that highlights recently published poems from Sundress Publications and then suggests a related prompt for each one. Really excellent work by their new staff member Prasanna Surakanti.

Click here to view Prasanna's Parrot Picks & Prompts

prassanaWhat I love most about this feature is that Prasanna provides inspiration by way of some of her favorite current poems and then turns one aspect of each poem into a prompt. Reading new work is often the best way I have to become inspired.
April is the perfect time to develop a new writing routine or practice and having a wealth of prompts is always helpful. For many more prompts and for a list of other #NaPoMo happenings, see my National Poetry Month 2016 page.

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