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"I am tired of being a woman": Trish Hopkinson's Footnote – by Lis Pankl via 15 Bytes

Thank you so much to Lis Pankl and David Pace of 15 Bytes for this lovely review of my chapbook Footnote.

I was particularly pleased with Pankl’s focus on one of my most widely published poems “Waiting Around” and her thoughtful connections to other women writers such as Virginia Woolf, Doris Lessing, and Kate Chopin:

“One theme that appears in many of her poems is commentary on the traditional roles for women: daughter, wife, mother. For example, in "Waiting Around" Hopkinson delves into the dilemma of motherhood--of expectations to live for everyone else but oneself. The first line, "It so happens, I am tired of being a woman," gives the reader an immediate vector to follow throughout the poem--the overwhelming emotion of being caged within the confines of wifedom and motherhood. The speaker desires to "salvage the space in time/for thought and collect it/like a souvenir." This line speaks loudly to Virginia Woolf's landmark essay "A Room of One's Own" in which Woolf points to the luxuries of space and time as necessities in order for women to be creative beings.”

Read the complete review here.


Pankl rounds out the review a reprint of my award winning poem “Waiting Around,” which has also been reprinted in these fine publications: Les Femmes FollesMotherhood May Cause Drowsiness, Voicemail Poems, Poetry Pasta, East Coast Literary Review, and Verse-Virtual, with original publication by Wicked Banshee Press. “Waiting Around” also received 2nd place in both the 20th Annual Artists Embassy International’s Dancing Poetry Contest and Touchstones contest judged by Sugar House Review editors in 2013.

15 Bytes is an online art magazine and features artists and authors living in Utah. It's published by Artists of Utah, a non-profit organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. "The organization was created to serve as a communication nexus for Utah's visual arts community. We are made up of artists, art professionals and art lovers and exist to bring the same together in an attempt to foster interaction, education and imagination. Our principle tool for doing this is the internet, which serves to bring together members of the visual arts community from across the state. Our website,, is continually expanding in an attempt to give greater voice to a wider community of individuals and organizations."

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I still have some copies available to sign and send if you’d like your own. You can purchase signed copies and/or a free poetry critique or donation to one of several charities in my store.

Lis Pankl is an Associate Librarian at J. Willard Marriott Library. At the University of Utah, Lis liaises with English, Geography, Ethnic Studies, and Education, Culture & Society. She also serves as the Head of Graduate and Undergraduate Services (GUS). Through diverse expertise and dynamic campus partnerships, GUS initiates innovation and leadership in teaching, learning, and assessment as well as promotes and enhances student engagement with the university community. Lis' research interests include feminist geographies, university engagement, student success & retention, libraries & management, and critical pedagogies.

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  1. Your poem ‘Waiting Around’ helps me to understand women a little better. i can’t help but think of all the petty nuisances i gave my mother, the very bad report cards she must have resigned herself to seeing some importance in, for the sake of others, to sort of keep the status quo stable. i don’t know if my mother would have thought so much about it, but must acknowledge that perhaps she did, that i should probably ask her.

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