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Happy New Year and Thank You! - My submission & blog stats, 250K+ views in 2018!

Happy New Year and big thanks to such an incredible online community of poets, writers, and supporters! I started actively posting and promoting this poetry blog in October 2014, and have seen a constant increase in traffic, likes, and followers. I've met some amazing and talented people along the way.
My blog really started out as an experiment, to just share the things I've learned in the last year or so as I began actively submitted my poems and other writing to different markets. It does seem there is a need for clear, concise, and quick ways to stay updated on calls for submissions, contests, writing tips, especially those with a focus on poetry. I'd love to hear from my readers if they have suggestions for information I can share or other resources they find helpful in their quest to publish poetry.
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Below are some stats for this last year:

My submission stats

Here are my personal submissions stats for 2018, which I track in Duotrope. Many of the poems I sent out were sent to multiple markets as simultaneous submissions. My acceptance rate dropped some from last year, since I started challenging myself and sending to tougher markets with lower acceptance rates. Some of the poems published this year were actually submitted last year.
Total Manuscripts Submitted: 6 (same manuscript)
Total Poems Submitted: 193 (total count, not unique poems)
Total Poems Accepted: 9 (includes reprints)
Total Poems Published: 7 (includes reprints)


  • Rock Canyon Poets at Lithic Bookstore & Gallery, Nov. 3 in Fruita, CO
  • Buzzards and Bees Festival, with Rock Canyon Poets & Utah Horror Writers Association, Oct. 27 in Provo, UT
  • City Art Reading Series with Rock Canyon Poets, Oct. 10 in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Inspired community poetry writing workshop instructor in conjunction with Utah Humanities Book Festival, Oct, 2 & 16, Provo, UT
  • Talking Gourds Poetry Club feature reading, Sept. 18, Telluride, CO
  • Talking Gourds Poetry Club feature reading, Sept. 17, Norwood, CO
  • Rock Canyon Poets, Mapleton Farmers Market, Sept. 10, Mapleton, UT
  • Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry reading, June 22, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Utah Arts Festival with Rock Canyon Poets, June 22, Salt Lake City, UT

Other Notable Publications/Projects

  • Was interviewed 3 times (click here to read my interviews)
  • Was featured in Utah Life (print magazine) as their first poet feature
  • Interviewed 87 lit mags/journals for submission call posts (that's up from only 62 last year!)
  • Judged the Salt Lake Community College chapbook competition
  • Published the fourth volume of Orogeny for my poetry group Rock Canyon Poets
  • Published the fourth volume of Inspired from my local community poetry workshop funded by Utah Humanities
  • Administered the first annual Provo Poetry POEMBALL Contest
  • Hosted Rock Canyon Poets monthly open mics poetry readings at Pioneer Book
  • Hosted Rock Canyon Poets monthly members workshops at Pioneer Book

My blog stats

My blog hit 12,000 followers last month with over 250,000 views for 2018! That's 15,000 more views than last year. Here's a quick comparison of previous years to this year. I published 201 posts in 2018.

2015 2016 2017 2018
Total Views 127,276 201,652 233,765 250,475
Total Visitors 71,460 110,023 117,493 125,373
Total Followers (as of May 2016) 1,000 6,770 10,073 12,164
Blog Post Likes (on WordPress) 1,135 2,497 3,957 2,797
Comments (on WordPress) 422 837 811 499
Click-throughs to other sites 83,212 158,343 156,174 164,110
Most popular post 15 international lit mags seeking English submissions Looking for a local poetry group or event? Need a word association generator? 14 NO FEE Chapbook Publishers and other Chapbook Listings

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