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My interview with Kelle Grace Gaddis of Brightly Press

My interview with Kelle Grace Gaddis just went up on The Review Review! It was a pleasure to chat with Gaddis about her experience running a press and publishing the Shake the Tree anthologies.

If you aren’t familiar with The Review Review, set aside an hour or two with a glass of your favorite adult beverage and check out the amazing amounts of information they provide. Including:

  • Reviews of lit mags and journals
  • A directory of magazines with detailed summaries and links
  • Interviews with a variety of editors, writers, etc.
  • Tons of articles on publishing tips
  • Calls for submissions and other writing related classifieds

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of running your own press and publishing the Shake the Tree anthologies?

I enjoy people and have no problem striking up a conversation with new artists. So, for me, I’ve found it fulfilling to make new writer friends. Many of whom became Shake The Tree contributors after a single chance encounter at a reading or elsewhere. I’ve been fortunate to maintain relationships with many of the writers such as CA Conrad, Deborah Woodard, Katy Bohinc and countless others.

Read the complete interview here:

“Many Publisher/Editors, Like Myself, Identify as Writers First” An Interview with Kelle Grace Gaddis, Writer and Owner of Brightly Press

Brightly Press will be releasing a third anthology in the Shake The Tree series at AWP in Portland, OR in March 2019. The press and anthologies are creations of writer Kelle Grace Gaddis and feature a wide variety of poets and writers from new and emerging to well-known. The anthologies are beautifully done, substantial in size, and include author photos, interviews, and more. The first two volumes sold out quickly and the third volume has already sold several hundred copies for pre-order. Shake The Tree 2019, at an impressive 443 pages, features CA Conrad, Sam Ligon, Natalie Diaz, Douglas Kearney, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Tammy Robacker, Cynthia Atkins, Jane L. Carmen, Janice Lee, Matthew Trease, Joseph Musso, Deborah Woodard, Rebecca Chamaa, Trish Hopkinson, Chelsea Jean Werner-Jatzke, Scott Driscoll, Ed Harkness, Natasha Moni, Chen Chen, Kaveh Akbar, Kristen Young, Karen Finneyfrock, Clare Johnson, Kate Lebo, Carolyne Lee Wright, Tyrone Williams, David Tomas Martinez, Rachel Custer, Kate Hanson Foster, Angel Uriel Perales, Elizabeth J. Colen, Katy Bohinc, Kelle Grace Gaddis, and Diane Khong.

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  1. What a great interview! As one who has recently thrown her own hat into the small publisher ring (and for some of the same reasons Gaddis did), I found her story and project inspiring and affirming. Thank you, thank you!

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