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100 Best Websites for Writers in 2019 via The Write Life

An amazing thing happened this week! While technically, the numbered list isn’t ranked in any way, I’m fine with being first on the list, even if it is just alphabetical and a coincidence they listed my blog in the first section :).

Thanks to my readers who nominated my site for inclusion in this helpful list curated by the generous folks at The Write Life. I’m honored and thrilled to be listed along with several other helpful sites, such as Writers Helping Writers in the Inspiration section and Duotrope in the Tools section. Check out the complete list here:

100 Best Websites for Writers in 2019

The Write Life provides a plethora of writing resources divided into five main sections: Freelancing, Marketing, Blogging, Publishing, and Craft. They also send out a free email newsletter. Articles are posted regularly and include opportunities for writers and poets as well as craft tips and more. Check out some of these great articles:


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  1. I’m not surprised your site would top the list. It tops mine, and I only discovered you a few months ago. I’ve referred many writer friends to your calls for submissions. I archive especially generous lists, like feminist journals, as part of my regular reference library. Thank you! Please continue.

  2. Reblogged this on Donetta's World and commented:
    The resources are invaluable. This list has helped me. Since there are a lot of sites, I recommend bookmarking the page.
    Also, Trish Hopkinson’s blog, “A Selfish Poet” is a wonderful blog to find journals taking submissions, writing tips, and other wonderful post!

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