My poem "Paused" published in Juniper – A Poetry Journal + submission tips!

I’m so grateful to have my poem “Paused” published in Juniper – A Poetry Journal’s current Summer 2020 issue. “Paused” is a reflection on the changes I’ve felt during the pandemic–the new way of approaching daily tasks that once felt burdensome, now bring a new perspective on slowing down, re-evaluating how I spend my time, and the little things that once caused undue stress now seem almost joyous in comparison to the state of the world.
The issue includes a lovely variety of poems and is worth spending some time reading through. You can also check out my poem “glass-bottom boat” published in last year’s Summer 2019 issue.
Juniper is a new online poetry journal, published three times a year, in February, June and October. I love the simple, yet pleasing design of this web-based journal. It's easy to navigate and easy to read. You can read more about Juniper in my interview with founding editor Lisa Young. They reopen for submissions September 1.
To submit your own work, start here with my Submission Tips, then check out which lit mags and markets are currently open for no fee submissions.

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  1. Had to comment, Trish, your poem “Paused" is absolutely marvelous, and I needed it! Congrats to Juniper for landing such a wonderful poem 😊

  2. I enjoyed your poem, Trish. And I’m very happy to know about this journal and to have poems in it. Really impressed with it.

  3. I love your Pause poem. I try so hard to be efficient & seldom achieve it. What’s that struggle all about? Why not just ‘float’ on the surface and look up at the sky? My washing machine has a Pause button & I sometimes think of those wet warm clothes just sitting there for a while, all bundled together, resting, waiting–until I unPause them and the swishing starts again. As the Buddhists say: When drinking tea, just drink tea. When eating an orange, just eat an orange. When doing the dishes, just do the dishes.

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