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My poem "She-God" published in Rise Up Review + where to submit current event poems

Tremendous thanks to Rise Up Review for publishing one of my more recent feminist poems “She-God” in their Summer 2020 issue along with some brilliant and diverse work I’m honored to be next to. Specifically, don’t miss “Pyriscence” by Angelique Zobitz–a prose poem in three parts, using erasure to isolate the core meaning.
My poem “She-God” is a statement of feminine strength and rejection of patriarchal myths. This poem has been aching for a good home and after 35 rejections, I knew Rise Up Review would be perfect.
Rise up Review  is an online literary magazine and “a landing site for the language of opposition.” Founded by Sonia Greenfield, they publish poetry and personal essays and will re-open for submissions in August and September for a special fall election issue.
For a list of other lit mags/journals publishing poetry on current event topics:

16 lit mags/journals to send your current event poems

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  1. Great poem… love the imagery. Killer last line. Interesting how a poem can create such a mood … saying by not quite saying. Nicely done.

  2. Hi Trish, Your poem is bold, strong & beautiful.
    I was wondering if you have suggestions for me who’s looking for the ‘home’ for the non-feminist type of poem publications. Thanks

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