You'll Feel Unstoppable

Offer into your creek and make to what is winding.
You bend leisurely rolling about a hike.
You follow a wooded hill and it begins down.
Climb a section to head this area.
You'll see tremendous.

See into your canyons and ascend to what is emerging.
You take here turns painted about an alcove.
You offer a tremendous trail and it ends closely.
Make an alcove to go this trail.
You'll wind red.

Bend into your day and follow to what is finding.
You begin slightly day climbs about a season.
You head a rock trailhead and it sees steeply.
Wind a hike to bend this respite.
You'll follow rock.

You are offered leisurely.
You were ending rolling.
You can make lush.
You could go wooded.
You dare winding tremendous.
You do bend red.
You did follow rock.
You have found shaded.
You had begun cool.
You may climb nice.
You might head hot.
You must see high.
You need ascend hard.
You ought emerge old.
You shall take long.
You should turn occasional.
You would paint dramatic
You will offer enormous.

–Found in the Salt Lake Tribune. Click here for details on the ¬†Homosyntaxism form.

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