Poetry Podcast “Assiduous Dust #4: Trish Hopkinson + Rick Lupert” with Joshua Corwin

Short-form Shout Out – ALMOST FAMOUS – Trish Hopkinson” via The Maynard

For the Art: An Interview with Trish Hopkinson” via Former People by C. Derick Varn

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“Trish Hopkinson is a busy blogger and poet. But she takes some time to stop by and discuss memorable movie characters, what it’s like to volunteer at Sundance, and how Utah is not a punchline.”

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“It’s hard to find good prose poets, and Trish is one of them. Ginsberg was one of them, ‘A Supermarket in California,’ proves that much. If Trish was born in a different decade, perhaps she’d be enshrined in the poetic lore with the rest of the beatniks who hit the road, bound for infamy.”

Nolan, Lisa. Adventures in Motherhood and Mayhem blog. “Meet Mom, Editor-in-Chief, and Award-Winning Poet Trish Hopkinson!” February 25, 2016.

“Confession: we have a BIG crush on Trish! Not only is she an amazing and talented poet (of course!) but she gives so much back to the poetry community! Whether you visit her blog, read her tweets, or follow her on Facebook, you can immediately tell how passionate she is about poetry!”

Deskins, Sally. Les Femmes Folles. “Trish Hopkinson, Writer.” January 26, 2016.

“Writer Trish Hopkinson  shares with LFF about how collaboration and feminism play a strong role in her work, her local poetry group, advice for aspiring writers, two stellar poems and more…”

Belnap, Caroline. KBYU Eleven News reporter. “Provo poetry group celebrates local book release.” November, 11, 2015.

“Trish Hopkinson co-founded the Rock Canyon Poets and organized the poetry reading and book release. ‘I was just blown away by the talent, and how confident everyone was, and great…They all did such a good job reading their work,’ Hopkinson said.”

Josephson, Wilson. Assistant Poetry Editor. The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. April 22, 2015. “Artist Feature: Trish Hopkinson,” essay for The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society. April 22, 2015.

“Trish Hopkinson’s offering for today’s feature serves dual purposes.  Her idea for a menu of poetry is certainly a brilliant exercise; it promotes the kind of introspection that makes artists better by asking them to investigate what’s truly important to their work.  What elevates Trish’s feature from ‘recommended’ to ‘must-read’ is the inclusion of her own menu.  Enjoy your peek at the ingredients that make Trish make poetry.”

Esposito, Frank. PoetryPasta. “Waiting Around” Review. March 24, 2015.

“Breathless and uncompromising. A voice of a poet and the banquet of words carefully chosen to divulge the corners of our lives so often painted over. A poet of non gender a woman of high esteem. It so happens, I really enjoyed discovering this Poet.”

The Fem. Feature Friday interview series. March 13, 2015.

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“What I see Paz teaching the poets in this anthology is the immateriality of home. Trish Hopkinson’s poem asks:
. . . Is this path the poem — the journey
that dissolves into nothingness?
Such a nothingness is not absence, nor is it mere subtraction. It is the way
. . . the shadow of Splendor recites verse
more naked than herself.”

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“In ‘Railroad about the Truth,’ Trish Hopkinson’s response to the lescurean permutation prompt, the odd phrasing pairings brought on by the prompt create a vivid, moving world. From the opening line, we’re immersed: “The sound begins with a story—/ a ghostly, beautiful, mysterious boy. / A sound visiting evening on a rainy summer.” And regarding the trains: “We love speed. / We love their enormity / and what they say about us.” You’ll pause many times reading this poem.”

McIlvenna, Kirsten. “Screen Reading: Mini reviews of current issues of online literary magazines.” NewPages.  10 Dec. 2013. Online.

“Trish Hopkinson’s ‘Footnote to a Footnote’ is a list of holy things, but they aren’t what you may initially imagine. ‘Jacuzzis are holy. / Garage door openers are holy. / Back-up cameras and recycle bins—all holy, it begins. The delight in reading it is the language and sounds as well as the surprising ‘holy’ elements.”

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