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Poetry Palooza Event Series via IWWG + I’m hosting the free kickoff event! – Feb. 1 @ 7pm ET

I’m pleased to announce the International Women’s Writing Guild‘s spring programming for Poetry Palooza! I’ll also be hosting the free kick-off panel with a stellar lineup of poetry advocates, incredible teachers, and poets on Tuesday, February 1 at 7pm Eastern Time. The spring program includes several workshops, a […]

94 NO FEE poetry book publishers via Authors Publish + important tips on submitting your manuscript

It’s so important to do your homework before sending your manuscript to a publisher. Make sure to take notes for each publisher you research. You will most likely want to compare them to each other before deciding where you want to submit. Make sure the press is the […]

16 Literary Magazines Seeking Volunteer Readers by Trish Hopkinson via Authors Publish

Thank you to Authors Publish for publishing my article with 16 literary magazines currently seeking volunteer readers and information on why you’d want to participate on their resourceful site! Learn the benefits of volunteering, including gaining experience, meeting other writers, improving your own writing and submissions approach, along […]

My interview with Kai Coggin, host of Wednesday Night Poetry via Tell Tell Poetry

Welcome to the fourth interview in my 12-part poetry submissions interview series for Tell Tell Poetry with Kai Coggin, poet and host of Wednesday Night Poetry! Listen in while Kai and I talk about her poetry journey, running Wednesday Night Poetry in the midst of a pandemic, experience […]

2022 Literary Magazine Rankings by Clifford Garstang + submission strategy tips

If you’re not already familiar with Clifford Garstang‘s annual literary magazine rankings or you’ve forgotten to check them out for a while, here’s a reminder to how handy they are! Every year Garstang ranks lit mags based on Pushcart Prize anthology. He creates rankings for the three main […]

Finding Your Voice – guest blog post Daniel Brown

In this excerpt from my new book Subjects in Poetry (LSU Press), I discuss how finding your subject can help you find your voice. I thought the discussion might interest Trish’s readers, and thank her for posting it. As late as his mid-twenties—i.e., not late at all as […]

Compression: How to Wrangle the Big Story – guest blog post by Dion O’Reilly

Content Warning: physical abuse, reference to eating fish “…do not paint too much after nature. Art is an abstraction; derive this abstraction from nature while dreaming before it, and think more of the creation which will result than of nature.” —Paul Gauguin Existence is infinite and ineffable, but […]

IWWG All Voices Open Mics + Fundraiser

Open mics are an incredible opportunity for poets and writers to share their work, get instant audience feedback, practice for readings, listen to what others are writing, and to build community. The International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) hosts their free-to-attend All Voices Open Mic twice a month including […]

How to Develop as a Poet – guest blog post by Yvonne Zipter

Having grown up in a working-poor family in which having no more than a high school education was the norm, poetry wasn’t something I knew much about. It certainly wasn’t a path I ever considered taking. Poetry was something other people did, and mostly it was opaque to […]

Sundays With Jane Eyre – guest blog post by Rita Maria Martinez

Because I am a Jane Eyre junkie, I want to tell your readers about Sundays With Jane Eyre (SWJE). Located in Philadelphia, The Rosenbach museum is treating Brontë fans to a free weekly program that explores Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel and Gothic tour de force, Jane Eyre. Program […]

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