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Trish Hopkinson is a poet, blogger, and advocate for the literary arts. You can find her online at and provisionally in Utah, where she runs the regional poetry group Rock Canyon Poets and folds poems to fill Poemball machines for Provo Poetry. Her poetry has been published in several lit mags and journals, including Tinderbox, Glass Poetry Press, and The Penn Review; her third chapbook Footnote was published by Lithic Press in 2017. Hopkinson will happily answer to labels such as atheist, feminist, and empty nester; and enjoys traveling, live music, wine-tasting, and craft beer.

NO FEE/THEMED submission call (ages 13-25) + editor interview – The Augment Review, DEADLINE: Dec. 12, 2020

The  Augment Review is the new online literary magazine publishing writing and artwork by youth ages 13-25 for their inaugural issue with the theme “Indulge.” They provide some prompts for each theme, including a Spotify playlist, visual inspiration, and a list of words for verbal inspiration. They also […]

NO FEE submission call + editor interview – Thimble, DEADLINE: Dec. 31, 2020

Thimble is an online literary magazine, featuring art, poetry, and short prose. They publish issues quarterly. “At Thimble Literary Magazine, we believe armor can be found in the oddest of places: whether that’s facing a hard truth head-on or reframing it so you can better understand it. We […]

20 NO FEE Chapbook Publishers (UPDATED!)

UPDATED 11/25/2020 The individual listings below are the chapbook publishers I found which do not charge submission fees, reading fees, or contest fees. Several are currently open or always open, which I’ve noted below. Many chapbooks are published via contests and do typically require a fee from $10 […]

Free Writing Contests for Teens – guest post by K.T. Mehra

Writing contests provide the perfect avenue to hone our writing skills and produce quality pieces. These contests come with a range of genres and topics that you can cover. This means that you are bound to find a contest that meets your needs and will help you improve […]

How to submit poetry/creative writing for publication + tons of tips!

These tips include the basics as well as links to several articles and posts to help even the most seasoned poet/writer, including terminology you need to know, things to do before you submit, general tips, and links to posts on my site and other sites related to submitting, […]

NO FEE submission call + editor interview – Book of Matches (NEW!), DEADLINE: Dec. 10, 2020

Book of Matches is the new online literary journal “interested in protest against the unknowing alive in human existence, in protest against the knowing, too.” They are currently open to submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and translations for their inaugural issue.  They plan to nominate for Best of […]

10 NO FEE Submission Calls for BIPOC, December Deadlines – guest blog post by Camille Wanliss (Galleyway)

Galleyway is an online platform that spotlights opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) writers in literature, poetry, television, film, and theater. In addition, we produce audio readings, a video interview series, and facilitate weekly virtual writing sessions. I founded the site in 2016 in response to […]

NO FEE submission call, open mic & more! + editor interview – Platform Review, DEADLINE: Dec. 20, 2020

Platform Review is the new online literary journal of ARTS By The People, a non-profit with the mission to “establish, operate, promote, and conduct educational programs, opportunities, classes, and sessions in the creative arts for the public, especially seniors and youth.” They publish poetry, prose (< 5,000 words), […]

8 Steps to Selling Art Through Ekphrastic Poetry (part 3/3) – guest blog post by Kimberly Burnham, PhD

Artists and writers or poets can team up a create greater visibility for themselves through ekphrastic poetry or fiction writing. Ekphrastic poetry is when the poet reacts to a piece of visual art, a painting, a photograph, or even a sculpture. Ekphrastic poetry is a way to make […]

NO FEE contest/submission call + editor interview – Everything in Aspic, DEADLINE: Nov. 30, 2020

Everything in Aspic is a new literary journal published quarterly with a free to enter quarterly poetry contest. They are currently open for their contest and for submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, or hybrid work for their Autumn issue. You can check out their previous issues to […]

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