My Poetry

A list of my published poems is below. Many are available to read online. Please also consider purchasing from, or donating to, these amazing literary organizations, presses, magazines, and journals, who have recently supported and published my work.

Click here to order my most recent chapbook Footnote ($12 free shipping, Lithic Press).

The books will be ready in July! You can read all about how the book came to be in my interview with Nancy Chen Long in her series Chapbook Chat.

Rock Canyon Poets: Orogeny, Vol, 4. $10.00. Orogeny, Vol. 1. 2, 3 $5.00. I’m honored to be the co-founder of this non-profit group of Utah poets, as well as Editor-in-Chief of our annual poetry collection.


NEW!! Women Speak: Portraits, Poetry, and Prose of the Feminine Experience, Nancy Smith Fine Art. $24.99 in full color 8 x 11.



$40.00. Huge volume of teachable work with essays/interviews from the poets/writers. Features CA Conrad, Sam Ligon, Natalie Diaz, & many more!
Shabda Press: Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands. $25.00. Proceeds from the anthology are being donated to the Women’s Center in Downtown Los Angeles. rs-coverSable Books: Red Sky. $19.99. All proceeds will be directed to the Global Fund for Women.



snapSnapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing: The Art of Creating, Winter 2015 issue, 1.4. $5.00. 6528Noctua Review: Issue IX. Free online. Noctua Review is the annual art and literary magazine produced by the Southern Connecticut State University MFA program.

Published Poems

Other WaysGlass: A Journal of Poetry

glass-bottom boatJuniper – A Poetry Journal

In my mother’s mouthThe Rumpus: Enough series

Three MiraclesThe Penn Review

autumn mane – Women Speak

carambola, AscentIsacoustic

I smoked marijuana for the first time with a 13-year-old boy, South Side, A Leveling – Cultural Weekly


Goodbye Maytree, after Annie DillardWild Voices, vol. 2

My matterWhale Road Review

Bone MusicContrary Magazine

Footnote to a Footnote, WhimperCrooked Teeth

Resurrection PartyTinderbox Poetry Journal, Bekah Steimel blog w/ Interview

sideways, InterrogationThe Light Ekphrastic

Perched – Utah Life July/August 2018

RedactedErase-Transform Poetry Project

hurricane, Not my flagTuck Magazine

A Man MisplacedWildness

The Next State, Denial, What – Califragile

PreparationThe Penn Review

An Echo – Intersections: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose

Three atheists and a Mormon walk into a café (collaboration with Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen) – Crab Fat Magazine

Reconstructed HappinessWinning Writers

Mixed tape – Crab Fat: Best of Year Three

Footnote to a Footnote – Chagrin River Review (anniversary issue)

predator – ellipsis

And Finished knowing – then – – Pretty Owl Poetry

BreastgiverBARED: Contemporary Art & Poetry on Bras & Breasts

The Next State, Denial, and WhatNuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands.

Bruised, Salvage great love at all cost, White, and We Need Language. Wild Horses, Women on Fire 2016

Sonnet ZeroNoctua

Notes from Owl Bar’s DiaryVolatile When Mixed, Utah Life March/April 2018

Strange VersesNonBinary Review

Mixed tape – Crab Fat Magazine

Offspring – Stirring (Motherhood issue)

Temple City listens to Orlando – Quail Bell

Your scarletAmethyst Arsenic

Ars Moriendi and Whimper – The Chaotic Review

South Side – Stirring, Poetry Super Highway – Poet of the Week

Just a pocket memorySonic Boom

Religion Rhythm, Goodbye Maytree, and Off the Cuff – #thesideshow

Calf Creek – Verse-Virtual

What – #thesideshow

Crimes of Compassion – Window Cat Press

Dis-ease – Verse-Virtual

Madonna’s Vagina – #thesidehow

China Doll – Silver Birch Press

To the Mess on the Floor, aka My Poetry – Snapdragon

Closure – Sonic Boom, Verse-Virtual

Weeping Willow – Verse-Virtual, Utah Life November/December 2018

Memory TherapyVerse-Virtual

We all got a secret side – Drunk Monkeys

crevasse moon – Drunk Monkeys

Blue Daydream – Drunk Monkeys (orig. published by Straight Forward)

My Monkey Grammarian – Verse-Virtual (orig. published in Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz)

Pearl at the Studio Mic – Drunk Monkeys Anthology, Drunk Monkeys Writer of the Month, Verse-Virtual, orig. published in Utah Sings: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

The Eyes of Life – The Center for Victims of Torture

Jules Talks to Jules – Drunk Monkeys

Wouldn’t a flyswatter be easier – Drunk Monkeys, Poetry Super Highway – Poet of the Week, Utah Life September/October 2018

The things I’ve done do not define the person I am – Drunk Monkeys

Trash Bag Burial – Storm Cycle

Christ of the Abyss – Verse-Virtual, orig. published by Cultured Vultures

Denial – The Fem

Corked –Verse-Virtual

Eurydice’s Cardinal / A Leveling – Red SkyThe Light Ekphrastic, “A Leveling” orig. published by Wicked Banshee Press

Because I am oldest – Me, as a Child Poetry Series

The Day We Found a Meadow and Played Frisbee Buck Naked / Mars Haiku –  Petals in the Pan

Use Simultaneously – The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

Waiting Around – Voicemail Poems, PoetryPastaMotherhood May Cause Drowsiness, East Coast Literary Review, Verse-Virtual (orig. published by Wicked Banshee Press)

Cherry Colored / Sex and Light – Verse-Virtual

Trash Bag Burial – Storm Cycle

Kerouac’s Scroll / Stemless – Poetry Super Highway

Spicy / Afternoon Love-making / You Fit / Reformation – Verse-Virtual

Whimper / Barbershop Protest – Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones

You’ll Feel Unstoppable – The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

Footnote to a Footnote – Chagrin River Review (orig.)Burningword Literary Journal, Verse-Virtual, 

How D’ya Like Them Apples? – JAB

Prima Facie / The day you were born – Switch (The Difference)

Lonely Soup – Eat Genius, Verse-Virtual

Reconstructed Happiness – I am Waiting Series

In a Room Made of PoetryFound Poetry Review, Volume 8

Breast-giverThank You for SwallowingDegenerates: Voices for Peace, (orig. published in Reconnaissance Magazine)

The 13th Sign of the Zodiac – Mythic Poetry Series

Unpassed / Goodbye Maytree – Verse-Virtual

Pressed / Railroad About the Truth – In Transit: Poetry of People on the Move

Melting / Worlding – Verse-Virtual

I am the Bride – Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series

Barbershop Protest – The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

A Painting of Me / Mouth Open to the Sky / Dawn / Ode to Endings / The Swing – Verse-Virtual

203 Amity – Verse-Virtual

Broken Hearts Buried Here – La Bloom, Found Poetry Review

Adventures of the Farmhouse on Route 6 / How to Put a Book Back in Its Place – Verse-Virtual

Empty Sockets – Tic Toc anthology

A Poet Searches for ‘Sex’ in the Salt Lake Tribune / About Being – The Salt Lake Tribune

Espresso Noir / Mornings (a haiku series) – Something’s Brewing anthology

News lays flat… – Haiku Journal

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  1. Have used this site and become successful at getting rejections Ha but hope springs …. Today I took the time to read several of your poems Bravo Bravo some great work reading one chap book and several individual poems found you have a great breath of work

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed! Submitting a lot helps, but it’s also finding that perfect combination of the lit mag that happens to love the poem you sent. I swear, most of the time they pick the ones I throw in at the last minute on a whim, rather than the ones I think they will pick! Thanks for the update :).


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