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Big thanks to such an incredible online community of poets, writers, and supporters! I started actively posting and promoting this poetry blog last October, and have seen a constant increase in traffic, likes, and followers. I’ve met some amazing and talented people along the way.

This really started out as an experiment, to just share the things I’ve learned in the last year or so as I began actively submitted my poems and other writing to different markets. It does seem there is a need for clear, concise, and quick ways to stay updated on calls for submissions, contests, writing tips, especially those with a focus on poetry.

My plans for the upcoming year are to add more submission lists by category and to generate more active conversations among my readers and the online writing community in general.

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Two pieces published in Vagabonds: Anthology of Mad Ones, Vol. 4 Issue 1

I’m honored to have two pieces included in this unique and gutsy literary anthology, published by Weasel Press, the full length version of my prose poem, “Whimper,” and my language poem, “Barbershop Protest.”

“Vagabonds is a Bi-annual literary anthology dedicated to bringing its readers the best stories from a pack of nameless ghosts. We invite everyone to stick out their thumb and enjoy the ride with the newest editions to our traveling group sharing their stories carried from trampled paper and broken notebooks!”

They have a slick storefront where you can pick up your own print copy (only $8, takes Paypal or cards), or you can view it and all past issues online in their Archives.

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This is just one of several projects run by Weasel Press, which currently has two  submission calls open:

The Haunted Traveler

Short Fiction and Flash Fiction, as well as Photography and Artwork

DEADLINE: April 10, 2015

PAYMENT: Although there is no monetary compensation for being accepted, we will ensure that a copy of the magazine is given to all contributors. This includes a PDF E-book as well as a Physically Printed Copy

Notes: Most sub-genres within the Science Fiction and Horror world are accepted; however we are not looking to feature any sort of Paranormal or supernatural romance. We like our monsters to be just that, monsters.

Typewriter Emergencies (fiction only)

DEADLINE: May 1, 2015

PAYMENT: $20 per story

Notes: Stories must feature Anthropomorphic characters (AKA humanized animals)

Cultured Vultures is Creating Opportunities for Writers

cv header

Jimmy Donnellan created Cultured Vultures to give writers and poets a chance to get their work published and in front of a broad readership, to give them that first break.

Jimmy explains on his About page, “The inspiration for Cultured Vultures came to me after I realised that everyone needs a break and that little something to beef up their C.V. This site is for everyone and anyone with a passion for writing and all you have to do is submit an article on any subject in popular culture and when it’s published, it could be that little break that you need. . . Don’t hesitate, the article can be anything. Anything you love, anything you hate, just anything.”

Jimmy published the first article I sent him, (The Best ‘Best of’ Lists for Writers from 2014) and has been gracious and supportive of my poetry and blog. You can check out the Cultured Vultures submission page here.

He has created a huge community of talented, supportive writers, and provides free content on just about any subject. He also hosts the Poem of the Week competition every week, to help give poets the readership they need.

Now he needs just a little bit of help to continue running his site. He’s not asking for much, just a measly dollar a month to keep Cultured Vultures up and running and to eventually eliminate ads all together.

Click here to support an invaluable writers community!

If you need more information, you can email Jimmy directly at info@culturedvultures.com.

12 Online Lit Mags You Should Definitely Read (or Even Submit To!)

Great list of digital literary magazines and online journals with brief reviews by Gina Vaynshteyn published back in August of 2014 on Bustle. The list includes well-known lit mags as well as some lesser known markets, like Muzzle, decomP, and Little Fiction and Big Truths, a creative nonfiction journal.

Check them out, read past issues, and then send off your best work that meets their submission guidelines. The really nice thing about submitting to lit mags that make lists like these, is that you know they have a decent readership. Your poems won’t just be sitting on some web page out in cyberspace, collecting dust.

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Paying Call for Submissions – Contrary Magazine pays $20, Deadline March 1, 2015!

Contrary doesn’t charge fees for submissions, but they do pay contributors. Per their site, payment “for original commentary, fiction, and poetry, Contrary Magazine pays $20 per author per issue, regardless of the number of works or nature of the submission. Reviews and Contrary Blog posts are usually unpaid.”

They also provide detailed information on what they are looking for on the submission page for each genre and even provide the name of the editor so you can successfully create a cover page without guessing to whom you should address it.

For example, for poetry, “We believe poetry is contrary by nature, always defying, always tonguing the tang of novelty. We look especially for plurality of meaning, for dual reverberation of beauty and concern. Contrary’s poetry in particular often mimics the effects of fiction or commentary. We find ourselves enamored of prose poems because they are naturally contrary toward form – they tug on the forces of exposition or narrative – but prose poems remain the minority of all the poetic forms we publish. Please consider that Contrary receives vast amounts of poetry and that we can publish only a small percentage of that work. Please submit no more than three poems per issue. Our poetry editor is Shaindel Beers.”

DEADLINE: March 1, 2015

Click here for their submission guidelines.

If you subscribe to Duotrope, click here to read their interview with the Contrary editors.

As with all submissions, read the guidelines carefully and read what you can of their previous issues to make sure your work is a good fit. Click here for more Submission Tips.

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2nd Place in Cultured Vultures “Poem of the Week”

My poem “Christ of the Abyss” took second place! You can see the inspiration for the poem here: http://www.christoftheabyss.net/.

This is a great series put on by the folks at Cultured Vultures. The editor is great to work with and is always looking for articles and content for his site.

Read more about submitting to Cultured Vultures here.

You can read all three winning poems here.

Including first place poem “Coffee House” by Ed Butterfield and third place poem “Ward 1940″ by Kevin D LeMaster. Then make sure to submit your own poems by Saturday at midnight (ET) for this FREE weekly contest. Enjoy!

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Call for Submission – New Letters Literary Awards – Enter early for Special Offers

Normally I only post calls for submissions if they are no/low fee, but this is such a great value I had to share it. If you submit early, in February only, the $25 submission fee includes a two-year subscription, immediate review, and a free MP3 download of a poet interview! Well worth every penny, plus a chance to win $1500 per category: poetry, fiction, or essay. See details in the flyer below.

Submit before the special offers DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 28, 2015.

You can still submit up until May 18, but you’ll miss out on the offers. Submitting after February only includes a one year subscription.

For full guidelines, click here.

To submit, click here.

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