Need a word association generator? These are free and better than your average thesaurus . . .

My favorite of the three is Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary — “Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate.”

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These two also do the trick and are simpler with less visual flare:

Word Association Lookup — “The project «Word Associations Network» gives you an opportunity to lookup associations with a given word. Word associations arise in the human’s mind when reading or saying a word, or just thinking about the word. In order to retrieve the list of associations to a word, just type in the word in the search panel and press <Enter> key or “Search” button.”

wordassoc — “began as an experiment by simon holliday at nameless, and has now become the world’s largest database of word associations.”


5 FREE POETRY CONTESTS – Deadlines December and January


Below are the details for five free poetry contests in the order of the upcoming deadlines in December and January. Also listed are links to other sites who list creative writing contests on a regular basis.

Amazon’s Little A Poetry Contest

DEADLINE: December 20, 2015

ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia

NOTES: “We accept manuscripts from poets who have published no more than one full-length book of poetry (not including chapbooks).”

FORMS: full-length poetry collections (60-100 pages in length)

PRIZE: “One Grand Prize winner will receive a Grand Prize package, which has a total approximate retail value (“ARV”) of $7,000.00 USD and includes: $5,000 cash prize; and a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing, including a $2,000 cash advance.”

The Society of Classical Poets – 2016 Poetry Competition

DEADLINE: December 31, 2015

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone can enter, poetry must be in English

NOTES: “The poems must be within the four themes used by the Society (at least one poem must be in the Falun Dafa theme or about the plight of the Chinese people under communism in general). Metered and rhymed poetry is preferred but not required. We usually do not publish love poems, free verse, or overly dark poems that don’t teach a positive lesson.”

FORMS: poetry

PRIZE: First place $500, Orange County/New York Poetry Prize $100, copy of journal

The Push [START] to Begin Chapbook Contest

DEADLINE: December 31, 2015

ELIGIBILITY: No restrictions listed, assume poetry must be in English

NOTES: Submissions must be “inspired by video games”

FORMS: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and hybrid work

PRIZE: “The winner will receive publication in the form of a digital chapbook (see our previous chapbooks as examples) and a cash prize of $150, along with 100% of the donations given by readers.”

The Stephen A DiBiase Poetry Prize

DEADLINE: January 29, 2016

ELIGIBILITY: No restrictions listed, assume poetry must be in English

NOTES: Postal entries only

FORMS: poetry

PRIZE: “There is $1,000 in total awards (with at least $500 to the top entry) on the line.”

NFSPS 2016 College Undergraduate Poetry Competition

DEADLINE: Submit between December 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016

ELIGIBILITY: “Undergraduates working toward a degree in an accredited U.S. college or university during the contest submission period are eligible to enter the CUP Competition.”

FORMS: 10 previously unpublished poems

PRIZE: $500, chapbook publication, 75 printed chapbooks, $300 traveling stipend

Other Contest List Links

Freelance Writing Creative Writing Contests with NO Fees

27 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes

Winning Writers – The Best Free Literary Contests

New Pages Writing Contests

What is “previously published” and where can I submit reprints?

The article “What Is Considered Previously Published Writing?” on Writer’s Relief does a great job explaining all the nuances of determining if your work should be considered previously published. For example, is the original publisher still online? Is the issue out of print? Do blogs and social networking posts count?

Many literary magazines and journals will state clearly what they consider previously published in their submission guidelines, but not all do. If you are unsure, send a quick email and ask the editor before submitting.

Also, make sure you still retain rights to the work before submitting it as a reprint to another publication. For more info on the different types of copyrights commonly used, see Copyright Information for Writers on Poets&Writers website.

Okay, now you’ve done your homework… time to submit.


If you have poetry or other writing which has been previously published, but the readership was low or perhaps it was only in print and not online, you may want to submit it to literary magazines and journals that accept work as a reprint. If you’re not sure whether or not something is technically classified as previously published, Writer’s Relief has a great article explaining What Is Considered Previously Published Writing.

There are two lists below. The first is a detailed list of 12 lit mags who accept reprints. I selected these 12 because they are markets I am familiar with and have most likely previously submitted to myself or read on a regular basis. The second list is from Duotrope and includes all the poetry markets identified as accepting reprints in their database. Read the guidelines carefully. Some may only take reprints if solicited, others may have changed their guidelines since originally listed with Duotrope.

For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

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Detailed list of 12 markets

Avatar Review

DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines (Currently reading through December 2015)


NOTES: “Previously published work accepted on occasion–although we prefer unpublished material. Author must supply appropriate credit.”

FORMS: poetry, short fiction, essays, visual art and prose poems



Blue Monday Review

DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines (Current call ends January 29, 2015)


NOTES: “We will consider previously published material but have a slight bias toward unpublished work.”

FORMS: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction

PAYMENT: poetry $10, reprints $5



DEADLINE: Open September 2 through May 14 (doesn’t read during summer)


NOTES: “Broadsided seeks poetry and prose that is evocative, riveting, and not too esoteric. . . . The nature of the Broadside is a bit different than traditional print, so if your poem/story has been published elsewhere in a journal or collection, we are still happy to consider it. Just let us know who we should credit.”

FORMS:  poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art




DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines each quarter, due the 15th of the previous month (next deadline is December 15, 2015)


NOTES: “We accept simultaneous submissions and will consider previously published work, however preference will be given to unpublished material. Please include all publication information where applicable.”

FORMS: poetry, flash fiction, and flash nonfiction




DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines


NOTES: Themed submission calls

FORMS: visual and audio art, poetry, literature, as well as essays, non-fiction, screenplays, collaborations and even letters home



East Coast Review

DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines


NOTES: “Previously published work is acceptable, just let us know where it was originally published.”

FORMS: poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, and art



Literary Mama

DEADLINE: Always open


NOTES: They publish “literary writing about the many faces of motherhood. Since 2003, we have featured poetry, fiction, columns, and creative non-fiction that may be too raw, too irreverent, too ironic, or too body-conscious for traditional or commercial motherhood publications.”

FORMS: poetry, fiction, columns, and creative non-fiction




DEADLINE: Always open


NOTES: “Reprints and simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let me know if a piece is published elsewhere.”

FORMS:  one story, a couple of flash fictions, or several poems



Poetry Super Highway

DEADLINE: Always open


NOTES: Poetry Super Highway features a couple of poets every week in their Poet of the Week on their main web site and only publishes previously published poetry when it isn’t currently published on the web, in other words, it can only be previously published in print.

FORMS: poetry



Silver Birch Press

DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines


NOTES: They have accepted found poetry and reprints of my work in the past and are great to work with.

FORMS: poetry, flash fiction


DUOTROPE: Search for their themed submission calls separately on Duotrope

The Fem

DEADLINE: Submissions are rolling – always free, always open


NOTES: “We review works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art. We encourage thought-provoking works that highlight the personal experiences of women, LGBTQIA individuals, people of color, people with disabilities, etc. We also encourage experimental pieces that mix genres and show us something new with structure – if it mixes genres, don’t stress –  we’ll figure out where to place it.”

FORMS:  poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art




DEADLINE: Always open


NOTES: “Verse-Virtual is both a community and a journal. Persons who want to submit their poetry to the journal should be interested in being part of the community.”

FORMS:  poetry



The rest of the list

America is not the World [Pankhearst] NEW!

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

Avatar Review

Barbaric Yawp

Bark, The

Beakful | Becquée [mgv2>publishing]

Beechwood Review FLEDGLING

Beorh Weekly

Bewildering Stories

Big City Lit

Birds We Piled Loosely/Tangential Bird Piles, The

Birmingham Poetry Review

Bombay Literary Magazine, The

Bond Street Review, The [Ink Publications]

Boston Poetry Magazine

Broken City, The

Burningword Literary Journal

Cadaverine Magazine



Canary [Hip Pocket Press]

Carrier Pigeon

Cascadia Review

Catch & Release [Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art]


Century 121

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Children, Churches and Daddies

Clean Sheets MATURE

Cliterature MATURE

Cloudy Cephalopod [] FLEDGLING NEW!

Commonline Journal, The

Conceit Magazine

Copperfield Review, The

Corvus Review


Creative Colloquy

Cricket Online Review

Danse Macabre

Deep South Magazine


Digital Papercut [Wordpool Press]

Down in the Dirt

East Coast Literary Review

EcoTheo Review NEW!

Ekphrastic: writing and art on art and writing FLEDGLING NEW!

Eskimo Pie

Every Writer


Fear of Monkeys, The

Fem, The NEW!

Feminist Wire, The


Font, The NEW!

Front Porch Review

Furious Gazelle’s Halloween Contest, The [Furious Gazelle, The]

Garland of the Goddess [Bibliotheca Alexandrina]


Ghazal Page, The

Ginosko Literary Journal

Gobshite Quarterly

Good Men Project, The

Great American Poetry Show, The

hedgerow NEW!

Hypertrophic Literary [Hypertrophic Press]

Indiana Voice Journal

Inlandia: A Literary Journey

Jewish Literary Journal, The

Labletter Monthly Notes Series, The [Labletter, The]

Lake, The

Lambda Literary Review [Lambda Literary]

Lascaux Review, The

Leaf Garden Press

Legendary, The

Legends [Grey Wolfe Publishing]

Linnet’s Wings, The

Literary Mama

Literation, A

Long Story Short

Lotus-eater NEW!

Lunch at Giverny [New Codices Press]

Mad Poets Review

Manic D Press


mediterranean poetry

Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Metaphor Magazine NEW!

mgversion2>datura [mgv2>publishing] MATURE

Michigan Poet, The

Midwestern Gothic

miller’s pond poetry magazine

Missing Slate, The

Moon Monthly Magazine, The

Mouse Tales Press

Mulberry Fork Review

Naissance Chapbooks /

Nazar Look


New Wave Vomit


Oneiric Moor, The FLEDGLING NEW!

OSA Enizagam

Our Day’s Encounter

Palettes & Quills

Pay Attention: Poems for Oral Interpretation FLEDGLING NEW!

Pear Drop

Petite Hound Press

Phenomenal Literature


Poetry Pacific

Poetry Super Highway

Quiet Courage, A


Randomly Accessed Poetics [Penhead Press]

Reality Institute, The

Referential Magazine

River Poets Journal

Rufous City Review

Schuylkill Valley Journal, The

Semaphore Magazine

Shine Journal: The Light Left Behind, The

Sidereal Journal

Sixers Review

Skidrow Penthouse

Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing

Snapping Twig


Stepping Stones Magazine: ALMIA

Still Crazy

Still Point Arts Quarterly

Stirring [Sundress Publications]

Storyteller, The

Subprimal Poetry Art

SubverCity Transmit FLEDGLING NEW!

Summerset Review, The

Survivor’s Review

Sybaritic Press

Synesthesia Literary Journal FLEDGLING NEW!

Tales of the Zombie War


Thank You For Swallowing FLEDGLING NEW!

Thirteen Ways FLEDGLING NEW!

This Space NEW!

Time Of Singing

Tinderbox Editions Anthology of Lyric Essays [Tinderbox Editions] FLEDGLING NEW!

Tipton Poetry Journal

Touch: The Journal of Healing

Tower Journal, The

TQ Review: A Journal for Trans* // Queer Voices [Damaged Goods Press] FLEDGLING

Transnational, The

Travel by the Books

TulipTree Review [TulipTree Publishing]

Underwater New York

Unlost Journal [Unbroken] FLEDGLING NEW!

Uproot: A Literary Journal

Valparaiso Poetry Review

Vehicle, The



Walking Is Still Honest [Nostrovia!]


WestWard Quarterly

Window Cat Press tumblr [Window Cat Press]


Write To Meow [Grey Wolfe Publishing] NEW!

Write to Wildlife Anthology Series [Grey Wolfe Publishing]

Write to Woof [Grey Wolfe Publishing]

Writing Disorder, The

Writing Raw

Your Daily Poem

My fourth poem “We All Got a Secret Side” is up on Drunk Monkeys today

It’s been a blast being featured as Writer of the Month on Drunk Monkeys this month. They published four of my poems throughout November, including my Janis Joplin inspired poem “Pearl at the Studio Mic;” my found poem “crevasse moon;” and my film-inspired poem,”Blue Daydream” which is a found poem from David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet.

My fourth and final poem up today is “We All Got a Secret Side” also a film-inspired poem from David Lynch’s film Wild at Heart.


We All Got a Secret Side by Trish Hopkinson

Drunk Monkeys is an online lit mag with a unique style, dedicated to “publishing work that’s as eclectic as possible, from some of the most exciting emerging voices in the literary scene.” You can read more on their about page, which is not to be missed! Click here for Drunk Monkeys submission guidelines.

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NO FEE Submission Calls – 2/3 Paying lit mags, DEADLINE: BLACK FRIDAY Nov. 27, 2015

Black Warrior Review, Indiana Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review announced yesterday that they will be open for submissions with no fees from 12 AM to 11:59pm Eastern time, Friday, November 27, 2015.

You can submit fiction, nonfiction, or poetry for all three magazines to consider using the Black Warrior Review’s submittable page.

You can read the details of the announcement here:



For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

Click here to submit to all three (IR/BWR/Hayden’s Ferry).

DEADLINE: 11:59pm Eastern time, Friday, November 27, 2015


FORMS: fiction, nonfiction, poetry

NOTES: only submit once in one genre only; you can still submit if you have submissions pending with any of the three lit mags; if published in the last four years in any of them, your work will be considered for the other two


Indiana Review pays $5/pg. $10 min. + one year subscription (

Black Warrior Review pays a one-year subscription and a nominal lump-sum fee for all works published (

Hayden’s Ferry Review does not currently pay contributors (

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Need poetry/writing prompts? Check out this list compiled by Bernadette Mayer . . .

The Poetry Foundation describes Bernadette Mayer as “an avant-garde writer associated with the New York School of poets . . . known for her innovative use of language.” The list starts with journaling ideas and then continues with a HUGE list of writing experiments. Scroll down about a page to get to those.

Click here to view Bernadette Mayer’s Writing Experiments

mayerHere are a few of my favorites:

  • “Take an idea, anything that interests you, or an object, then spend a few days looking and noticing, perhaps making notes on what comes up about that idea, or, try to create a situation or surrounding where everything that happens is in relation.”
  •  “Write the poem: Ways of Making Love. List them.”
  • “Turn a list of the objects that have something to do with a person who has died into a poem or poem form, in homage to that person.”
  • “Write household poems-about cooking, shopping, eating and sleeping.”

You can read her poetry in the Eclipse archive, as well as the work of several other authors, here.

Click here for more blog posts on writing resources.

NO FEE Submission Call – whimperbang, DEADLINE: Dec. 6, 2015

Whimperbang “invites the submission of serious, directed artistic expressions that reflect or comment upon today’s world. All literary and visual genres will be considered.” This online literary magazine was founded in 2003 and publishes three issues per year. Past issues can be read on their site.

For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

Click here to submit to whimperbang.

DEADLINE: December 6, 2015 for January issue (rolling deadlines)


FORMS: poetry, prose, plays, visual art, header art



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