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Trish Hopkinson

Trish Hopkinson is a poet, blogger, and advocate for the literary arts. You can find her online at and provisionally in Utah, where she runs the regional poetry group Rock Canyon Poets and folds poems to fill Poemball machines for Provo Poetry. Her poetry has been published in several lit mags and journals, including Tinderbox, Glass Poetry Press, and The Penn Review; her third chapbook Footnote was published by Lithic Press in 2017. Hopkinson will happily answer to labels such as atheist, feminist, and empty nester; and enjoys traveling, live music, wine-tasting, and craft beer.

How to Update Fairy Tales – guest post by Rob Carney

Think about some wrong things being pointed out in fairy tales, then think about similar wrong things in our own time and place, and match them up. I’m suggesting this exercise for three reasons: First, because I hear a lot of people hoping for a “fairy-tale ending,” and […]

NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Curator Magazine, DEADLINE: Always open, rolling

Curator Magazine is a an online literary magazine, curating writing about art intersecting with humanity, exploring “the meaning and matters of the heart and spirit reflected in cultural objects, experiences, and the arts.” They are always open for submissions of poetry and nonfiction and respond within a month. […]

NO FEE/THEMED Submission call + editor interview – Last Leaves, DEADLINE: Feb. 28, 2020

Last Leaves is a new online poetry magazine who released their first issue in October. They are currently open for poetry submissions until the end of February. Make sure to follow their Instagram, where they post and promote poetry and poets! Now that they’ve released their first issue, […]

NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Simple Machines (NEW!), DEADLINE: Jan. 31, 2021

Simple Machines is a new letterpress poetry journal. From their The What page “Language as a lever, a wedge, or a screw, an elemental human instrument of magic modifying motion and force to perform the most difficult of labors, love—itself a Simple Machine.” They are currently seeking poetry submissions for their first […]

9 Literary Magazines Seeking Volunteer Readers & Why You’d Want To Participate by Trish Hopkinson via Authors Publish

Thank you to Authors Publish for publishing my article on their resourceful site! If you’re wondering how to become more involved in the literary community and why you’d want to, click the link below for five reasons to volunteer for a publication, including: gaining experience, meeting other writers, […]

NO FEE/THEMED submission call (Dolly Parton tribute) + editor interview – Limp Wrist, DEADLINE: Dec. 15, 2020

Limp Wrist is a newly resurrected bi-annual ezine “with queer sensibility promoting LGBTQ poets, non-binary poets, and their allies by publishing their poems, interviews with them, and reviews of their books.” Their second issue upon returning from a long hiatus is a tribute to Dolly Parton. Poets from […]

“Still Here: Trish Hopkinson” via 15 Bytes: Utah’s Art Magazine

I’m honored to be included in the new Still Here series on 15 Bytes: Utah’s Art Magazine. Still Here checks in with members of the Utah art community to see what they’ve been up to over the past six months and what their thoughts are for the future. […]

10 Tips for Poetry Karma – guest post by Dayna Patterson

Do you have a poem or book of poetry you’d like to promote, but feel like doing so in the midst of social injustice, climate catastrophe, and pandemic would shrivel up your soul like a spider on a hot stove? How can you garner attention for something you’ve […]

NO FEE/THEMED submission call (ages 13-25) + editor interview – The Augment Review, DEADLINE: Dec. 12, 2020

The  Augment Review is the new online literary magazine publishing writing and artwork by youth ages 13-25 for their inaugural issue with the theme “Indulge.” They provide some prompts for each theme, including a Spotify playlist, visual inspiration, and a list of words for verbal inspiration. They also […]

NO FEE submission call + editor interview – Thimble, DEADLINE: Dec. 31, 2020

Thimble is an online literary magazine, featuring art, poetry, and short prose. They publish issues quarterly. “At Thimble Literary Magazine, we believe armor can be found in the oddest of places: whether that’s facing a hard truth head-on or reframing it so you can better understand it. We […]

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