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How to Write Lost and Found Poems and Equations – guest post by Rob Carney

Most sequels aren’t better than (or even as good as) the first of something, I agree. But re-inventions very well might be. For instance, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies are better the two by Tim Burton, and if you don’t like the reboot of the Star Trek movies […]

Touchstone Moments: Bringing Your Poetry Home – guest post by Becky Breed

Writing poetry can cause the earth to move. It wakes us up, fosters deeper understanding and more self-awareness, and when we would despair, instead, we are granted the gifts of hope and perspective. Perhaps most importantly, when we capture our own history and stories in poetic form, we […]

#CreativeQuarantine: Life Learned in Isolation (Plus 171 Prompts For You to Use) – guest post by Kelly Tsai

The morning of March 16th, 2020, I was at a dance class in Brooklyn, when we got word that New York City was going to shut down entirely, effective that afternoon. There was an agitated feel in the studio as class ended, and dancers parted ways. The hub […]

Mind to Mind: Translation as a Window of Understanding – guest post by c. prismon-reed

Poetry, perhaps more than other forms of oral and written expression, is intended to convey the immediate moment — the idea and experience — that triggered it in the mind of the one conceiving it. The language — the forms, sounds, rhythms, and images — embodies the mental […]

5 Steps to Poetry Publication – guest post by Katie Manning

Every time I teach Creative Writing: Poetry to college students, I spend some time going over how to submit poems for publication, and then they send out two batches of poems to different literary journals at the end of the semester. I set them up for the reality […]

Managing the Emotional Load of the Submission Process – guest post by Sherre Vernon

So much has changed since I first started sending my work out two decades ago. Publishers are more open to simultaneous submissions, and I seek out (rather than avoid) online publications. But the biggest shift has been the number of pieces I get accepted each year. Take a […]

How to Order Your Poetry Collection Using Pixar’s Advice – guest post by Kelly Grace Thomas

There is perhaps no greater mystery than ordering a poetry collection. The decisions can be nerve-wracking: debating which poems will open and close your book, asking which poems pack the most punch to hook the reader, questioning if these poems should sit next to each other for the […]

Weaving Your Photographs Into Your Poetry Manuscript – guest post by Christine Sloan Stoddard

When I was in art school, I once had a poetry professor who, on the first day of class, introduced himself as a failed painter. Immediately, that proclamation (and others) rubbed me the wrong way and I ended up dropping the class in favor of a film course […]

How to Write List Poems – guest post by Rob Carney

It might be self-defeating to say this, but you should know it going in: My poet friend Jesse Parent has a list poem about why he doesn’t like List Poems. That’s pretty funny, and it shows you that not everyone is into this form. But I am, and […]

Glorious Veils of Diane – guest post/interview by Rainie Oet

I.   Who is Diane? Are you Diane?  I channeled Diane—I don’t know from where. I’ve had Diane in me since I was a child. When I was six, I sat on the top bunk and ripped a twenty dollar bill in half (just like Diane would later […]

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