breast-giver--she creates in the
blind alleys with chapped feet and
large round breasts. Take your wife,
greedy crow, unthinking bull driven by
lust. You eat rice and stolen samosas by
the oil lamp. Countless beings raised a hue
and cry in deepest night. She creates as mother,
pinched skinny even while your flies were
fat. Her capacious bosom, a seething vat
of milk. Her offspring, a better human
material created by devotion, by
mother's will. I put flowers on
her belly, her languid-hipped
body, her motherhood.


–Found in  Devi, Mahasveta. "Breast-giver." Trans. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Breast Stories: 38-45. Print.

–Originally published by  Reconnaissance Magazine. Issue 3. August 2014. Print and online.

–Reprinted  by  Weasel Press.  Degenerates: Voices for Peace.   November, 2014. Print and online.


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