Calf Creek

Soft sand, red rock,
prickly sage terrain, where blinding
heat strikes like a fist and broods
each drop from the ground. Yet, abundance
still scurries and flowers, peaks
and hides, scavenges and burrows.
‘Rounding a curve, shadows lengthen and lush
begins--moist breath of a cooler wind comes
to meet me and the calm
whisper of water falling in
the distance greets my ears
willingly. Calf creek is playful
and giggles as fish tickle with fins and tails.
A sympathetic shade hovers over--protection
from sun’s tough love. The trail reaches
onward with eager fingers, corners jut
and jog. My core anticipates. Gush,
splash, mist, vibrant mossy pool
surrounds, while plants scale
walls like sprouting children.


–Originally printed in  AWWA IMS Newsletter, Summer 2007.


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