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PAYING/NO FEE/LGBTQIA+ submission call & interview – just femme & dandy, DEADLINE: Dec. 13, 2021

just femme & dandy is a biannual literary & arts magazine for and by the LGBTQIA+ community on fashion. They “offer a space in the literary & arts world that has yet to exist, and hope to celebrate the queer, trans, non-binary, and intersex community, who have long […]

PAYING/NO FEE submission call & interview – Neon Door, DEADLINE: Sept. 1, 2021

Neon Door is a new online literary and art magazine featuring a yearly art exhibit and ongoing column section described as “the first truly immersive literary exhibit. We believe in art’s power to open doors, manifest worlds, transport and transcend.” They are seeking “your literary utterance, your emotional […]

PAYING/NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – New Smut Project, DEADLINE: Sept. 1, 2021

New Smut Project is a small press with the tagline “A kind of funny name for people very serious about quality, diverse erotica.” They are interested in erotica that is also literature: “We love smut, but we also love language; we love lyrical sentences that sing with meaning, […]

PAYING/NO FEE submission call & interview – Shadow Atlas anthology, DEADLINE: June 27, 2021

Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas is a forthcoming anthology from Hex Publishers. The anthology will include a collection of dark stories focused on folklore linked to location. Authors and folklore enthusiasts Carina Bissett and Hillary Dodge, and four-time Colorado Book Award finalist and StokerCon™ 2021 souvenir […]

NO FEE submission call + editor interview – PoArtMo Anthology, DEADLINE: Aug. 23, 2020

The PoArtMo Anthology is a new project of Auroras & Blossoms poetry journal and is “a digital anthology celebrating the most creative and inspiring art that has been produced in 2020.” They are currently open for submissions of poetry, flash fiction, short stories, photography, drawings, and paintings. You […]

NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Black Lives Matter anthology, DEADLINE: July 15, 2020

Quail Bell Magazine is an online feminist publication currently open for prose/poetry submissions from Black writers for their Black Lives Matter anthology (final title pending). The deadline for the anthology is July 15. Quail Bell is otherwise open year-round for submissions of art, writing, and multimedia. I wanted […]

CASH PRIZE/NO FEE Poetry contest & editor interview – Origami Poems, DEADLINE: July 15, 2020

Origami Poems is a non-profit organization with a mission of “the encouragement of literature & the arts by bringing Free Poetry to everyone through the printing and distribution (world-wide) of free Origami micro-chapbooks as well as through poetry events, both of which engender increasing awareness of and appreciation for […]

In the spirit of community – guest blog post by Diane Frank, Chief Editor of Blue Light Press

Blue Light Press, along with being a publisher, is a community. We are dedicated to the publication of poetry and flash fiction that is imagistic, inventive, emotionally honest, and pushes the language to a deeper level of insight. We are a group of poets, artists and musicians based […]

The End Will Not Be Sugared anthology, DEADLINE: 6/30

The End Will Not be Sugared: Contemporary Apocalypse Poetry is a forthcoming anthology of contemporary poetry in the tradition of apocalyptic poems. Edited by Jennifer R. Hancock and Juan J. Morales, they are currently seeking submissions of poems with the theme of “the breakdown of society and its […]

PAYING/NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Rough Cut Press, DEADLINE: Year round

Rough Cut Press is an new online literary journal (with plans to soon release print issues) publishing visual art and short prose and poetry of 650 words or less. I wanted to know more about what they are up to, so I asked them a few questions to […]

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