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59 Places to Publish Formal Poetry via Writing Matters

UPDATED DECEMBER 2020 Thanks to Writing Matters for updating my original list of markets accepting formal verse poetry for publication. Their list will be updated regularly. Most editors are happy to answer questions regarding submissions. If a lit mag seems like a good fit for your work and […]

9 Literary Magazines Seeking Volunteer Readers & Why You’d Want To Participate by Trish Hopkinson via Authors Publish

Thank you to Authors Publish for publishing my article on their resourceful site! If you’re wondering how to become more involved in the literary community and why you’d want to, click the link below for five reasons to volunteer for a publication, including: gaining experience, meeting other writers, […]

How to submit poetry/creative writing for publication + tons of tips!

These tips include the basics as well as links to several articles and posts to help even the most seasoned poet/writer, including terminology you need to know, things to do before you submit, general tips, and links to posts on my site and other sites related to submitting, […]

40 Feminist Literary Magazines & Journals (just updated!)

Updated October 2020. In past years for National Women’s Equality Day, I spent some time compiling a list of feminist lit mags and journals and have recently updated the list! You can support these organizations by sharing, reading, submitting to, or donating. Submit your feminist writing and/or contribute […]

Sticks & Stones: How to Write a Poetry Newsletter – guest blog post by Erica Goss

In 2017, I decided to start a newsletter. I named it Sticks & Stones after the childhood chant “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Of course, words can and do hurt, and are far more powerful than mere sticks and stones, but […]

The Beginners Guide to Free Verse Poetry – guest blog post by Marilyn June Janson M.S. Ed.

Memoir workshops are ideal for introducing the beautiful art of poetry writing. Many of my students have not yet experienced the joys of writing free verse. This blog post illustrates how I teach this workshop. Free verse is not just another vehicle to tell your story. It’s so […]

How To Market Your Poetry Online – guest blog post by Hayley Zelda

Not everyone in modern times truly appreciates poetry. It's often linked to old sonnets and pretty love rhymes. But as a poet, you know there's much more to it than meets the eye. Just like short stories, novellas, and books, poetry has different genres, styles, and rules.  Marketing […]

Summer Journals 2020 (open for submissions) via Diane Lockward

A big thank you to Diane Lockward for posting such a great list on her poetry blog! (It’s one less list for me to create.) The list provides links to each journal and reading periods. She recently updated it to include even more journals, so this is a […]

6 Thoughts on Reviewing Poetry + tips & where to submit reviews – guest blog post by Alina Stefanescu

1. I come to reviewing as a reader, a simple lover of books. For many years, I believed that loving a book was not reason enough to review it. I believed that one needed special degrees in judgement in order to be able to speak of books with […]

Uncovering the History (and Future) of Blackout Poetry – guest blog post by Emily Ramser

The first time I asked to study blackout poetry, I was an undergrad at Salem College. I'd asked the director of my Creative Writing program to do my honors independent study on it. I remember sitting in her office on the second floor of Main Hall, fiddling with […]

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