Eyes of Life

Bewildered by the unwavering stare of life
With gems for eyes, they seek apathy and affection
They gaze upon the tapestries of the mind
And with undaunted effort, gaze right through them
Stimulating intellectual sensuality
They see me vividly, distinctly
Clutching flowers in a field of uncertainty
This was when life's eyes were kind to me

Shuttering with fear, life's eyes were teary
Weakness and addiction, the innocence lies weeping
Seeking shelter, bravery and a little common decency
Tried and failed, love's foundation was unhealthy
Broken down and unkempt
The knot of freedom slipped
Petals fell from fingertips
Life's sweetness slept

All the wiser, peering out at reality's grin
Mystery and fear faded and the experience sets in
Magic and tranquility only when the heart is open
Creation, honesty, contentment with satisfaction
Life's fluttering lashes were soft and kind again


–Originally printed in  The Community Writing Connection, Salt Lake City Community College, Spring 2007, Vol. 5, No. 1.


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