I am the Bride

When I really like a girl
I call her ”kiddo.”
I am a loner,
the way I talk with my hands [laughing]
like Elvis Presley on crack, all right?
You get comfortable with your own company--
read, listen to music . . .
It’s like, no worries.
But you can get bored with it.
That can happen.
A little bit of--yeah, okay, exactly--
It’s a mixed bag.
I am able to truly, in this town, live
the life of an artist,
create something--
one big book about comic books,
spaghetti Westerns, and Hong Kong kung fu films--
a cool little story and everyone liked it.
I am the Bride.
The characters are also me
with little feminine tendencies.
Sometimes I want to look handsome,
dress in nice stuff . . .
More of an old sexy lion,
style is cranked up,
you know, la-di-da!
Johnny Depp,
Daniel Day-Lewis,
they got it going on.
It’s a total fantasy,
a snide side in real life.
A decade ain’t enough.
This little journey?
Too much of a left turn.
It's a look at the world.
It completely and utterly is.


–Found in  Mary Kaye Schilling's interview, "Total Tarantino" published by Entertainment Weekly. 4/9/2004.

–Originally published by Silver Birch Press as part of the  Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series, September 20, 2014.


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