NaPoMo 2014


For National Poetry Month in 2014, I  participated  in a Found poetry writing challenge with the Found Poetry Review entitled “Potential Literature Meets Daily Paper.”

I created a found poem for each day in the month of April using text from the Salt Lake Tribune.  

You can read about my escapades here:

Salt Lake Tribune article: “Provo writer waxes poetic with words from Salt Lake Tribune stories”

The Cricket article: “Provo poet finds inspiration in the Tribune”

Found Poetry Review article: “Oulipost Week Three: Sestina, Haiku, and Permutations Oh My”

"In 'Railroad about the Truth,'  Trish Hopkinson's response to the lescurean permutation  prompt, the odd phrasing pairings brought on by the prompt create a vivid, moving world. From the opening line, we're immersed:  "The sound begins with a story--/ a ghostly, beautiful, mysterious boy. / A sound visiting evening on a rainy summer."  And regarding the trains:  "We love speed. / We love their enormity / and what they say about us."  You'll pause many times reading this poem."

Additionally, some of my  poems from the project have been published:

"You'll Feel Unstoppable." The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. Vol. II, Issue I: January 2015. Online.

"About Being." Verse-Virtual. May 2014. Online.

"A Poet Searches for 'Sex' in the Salt Lake Tribune," and "About Being" printed in the article "Provo writer waxes poetic with words from Salt Lake Tribune stories." The Salt Lake Tribune, 30 April, 2014. Print and online.

I will update this page as more poems are published. Click here to read my project wrap-up blog post.