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Do you, or do you want to, submit your writing to literary journals? – guest blog post by Ellie O'Leary

Here are some of the lessons I've learned and decisions I've made in the area of literary submissions. Some of these I consider hard and fast rules, others are more like guidelines, and finally some are my preferences representing decisions I've made about how to conduct my own […]

What Is a Literary Journal? And How Do I Get Into One?

Check out this great article “What Is a Literary Journal? And How Do I Get Into One?” by friend and fellow poet E. Kristin Anderson. You read more about her on her lovely, informative blog here: Write All the Words! This article not only gives a short explanation […]

How to Submit Your Writing to Literary Magazines by Aerogramme Studio

This article is well-organized and thorough, yet brief and makes it easy to locate answers to questions you may have about submitting your work. I’ll be adding it to my Submission Tips page for reference. If you don’t already subscribe to Aerogramme Writers’ Studio, make sure to follow […]

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