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How I Stopped Singing those Rejection Slip Blues – guest blog post by Sister Lou Ella Hickman

“I wish those editors would hurry up. This is the third day this week I haven't received a rejection email." Then there are days I mentally stamp my foot when I check my sent list and discover how much longer an editor has kept my submission than the […]

Rejection Wiki-what is a tiered rejection and how can I tell if I got one?

We all receive many more rejections than acceptances. There are ways to help interpret the rejections literary magazines and journals send your way. Rejections actually come in many forms, including standard forms, tiered, and personal. Specifically, a “tiered" rejection means the lit mag sends out different levels of […]

Rejections Update or: The Spreadsheet That Ate My Life – guest blog post by Jeanne Obbard

Where I'm at: Rejections: 22 Acceptances: 0 Total submissions: 48 That breaks out to 23 poems being read by editors (or undergrads in charge of slush piles) a total of 207 times. Total submissions last year at this time: 0 Meanwhile I am still doing a one-week-per-month “poetry […]

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