Where to submit nontraditional & found poetry

Most editors are happy to answer questions regarding submissions. If a lit mag seems like a good fit for your work and it happens to be a collaboration, found poem, or other more nontraditional form, contact them via email or on other social media to ask if they are open to such forms. If you receive a response and can share it with me here, I'll note it for others in the future.

Most of the listings below have accepted found work or other unusual formats of poetry and/or claim that they will. They are listed alphabetically; some are currently accepting submissions, some are temporarily closed. I've also included a link to their Duotrope page, which will allow you to track deadlines if you currently subscribe to Duotrope.

Apeiron Review

Submissions: Open September 1st and close on October 15th: Publication will occur in January. Open February 1st through March 1st: Publication will occur in July.

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/7776

"Apeiron Review is Pennsylvania based literary magazine currently only published online. We publish poetry, prose, and photography from all over the world. We want something real, something beautiful, something ugly, and something that sings to the far reaches of our being. Make us laugh or make us cry, but we want something visceral."


Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/27

"Cicada is a YA lit/comics magazine fascinated with the lyric and strange and committed to work that speaks to teens’ truths. We publish poetry, realistic and genre fic, essay, and comics by adults and teens. (We are also inordinately fond of dark humor and Viking jokes.) Our readers are smart and curious; submissions are invited but not required to engage young adult themes."

Contemporary Verse 2

Submissions: Accepts submissions for bi-monthly issues, e.g. January 15, 2016 deadline for Jan/Feb issue

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/752

"CV2 is nationally respected for its openness to a diverse range of poets and poetic styles. From fresh to familiar and from traditional lyric to extreme language wrangling--we're not afraid to take it on."

Crab Fat Magazine

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope:  https://duotrope.com/listing/16260

“Crab Fat Magazine is founded on the principles of inclusive &  diverse writing/publishing. This means we actively seek work from marginalized people. Please submit to us if you are a POC, a queer/trans person, a disabled person, a woman/femme/nonbinary person, a neurodivergent person, a trauma survivor, a nonreligious/atheist/pagan person, or any other person that is often underrepresented in media.    We want to make space for you. We want  to hear your voice.”

District Lit

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/8508

"We want poems that writhe on the page, that are essential to understand something true and real. We're open to experimental forms, but generally prefer poems that are grammatically understandable."

Drunk Monkeys

DEADLINE: Reading periods vary, check site for details


FORMS:  Poetry, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Film Essays, Art, and Music


DUOTROPE:  https://duotrope.com/listing/7124  (includes interview with the editors)


Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Notes: Per the current editor, they are also open to found poetry, erasures, etc.

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/14258

"We are especially interested in collaborations between two or more writers, or between writers and visual artists. We accept submissions from writers working in English, or translating into English, from anywhere in the world."

"If your poetry is rough-cut diamonds, slightly off-kilter; if your fiction will make us feel more human and less alone; if you enjoy exploration of new forms at the edges of the literary universe; if you can bring us elegant translations of literature from far corners of the globe; if your nonfiction is wild and honest; if your visual art is raw and earnest'show us. We want to see it."


DEADLINE:  Year round



FORMS: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, art and interviews

For #thesideshow:  flash fiction, micropoetry, art and micrononfiction

DUOTROPE:  https://duotrope.com/listing/7258


Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/1244

"Futurepoem books is a New York City-based publishing collaborative dedicated to presenting innovative works of contemporary poetry and prose by both emerging and important underrepresented writers."

Ghost Proposal

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/9928

"At Ghost Proposal, we want you to send us your broken packages, your word memories like bathing suits that don't fit; show us your love handles! We are a journal that seeks to represent a wide range of brain activity and circuitry in poetry, creative nonfiction, and multimedia, so be your own boundary, then cross it."

Half Way Down the Stairs

Submissions: Quarterly reading periods, see their submission guidelines

Notes: Themed Issues

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/372

"poetry that is fresh and original"

Hotel Amerika

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/152

"We welcome submissions in all genres of creative writing, generously defined. We do not publish book reviews as such, although we will consider review-like essays that transcend the specific objects of consideration."

Hyacinth Girl Press

Submissions: See their main page for open submission calls

Notes: Some themed issues (Bye-bye Bukowski is an erasure themed issue)

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/5486

"Hyacinth Girl Press is a micro-press that publishes up to 6 poetry chapbooks each year. We specialize in handmade books of smaller press runs. We consider ourselves a feminist press and are particularly interested in manuscripts dealing with topics such as radical spiritual experiences, creation/interpretation of myth through a feminist lens, and science."


Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope:  https://duotrope.com/listing/943

"From the first issue onward, jubilat has aimed to publish not only the best in contemporary American poetry, but to place it alongside a varied selection of reprints, found pieces, lyric prose, art, and interviews with poets and other artists. Rather than section off these varieties of work, the magazine creates a dialogue that showcases the beauty and strangeness of the ordinary, and how experiments with language and image speak in a compelling way about who we are."


Submissions: Reading year round

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/960

"We don't adhere to any particular themes or tastes, but some people tell us they see one, so who knows."

The Museum of Americana

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/8159

"Give us love poetry that mixes language cribbed from The Federalist Papers with language cribbed from WWII propaganda posters. We want medicine shows and riverboats, Doo-Wop and Duke Snider. We want aspects of Americana we may not have even heard of yet."

NonBinary Review

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Notes: Themed Issues, Paying Market, see previous submission call due June 1, 2015 here.

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/14354

"We want language that makes us reach for a dictionary, a tissue, or both. Words in combinations and patterns that leave the faint of heart a little dizzy. We want insight, deep diving, broad connections, literary conspiracies, personal revelations, or anything you want to tell us about the themes we've chosen. Literary forms are changing as we use technology and typography to find new ways to tell stories--for work that doesn't fit neatly into any one genre, we've created a separate category to properly evaluate submissions of a hybrid or experimental nature. Each issue will focus on a single theme."

Split Lip

Submissions: Appears to accept work year-round

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/8215

"Send up to five unpublished poems of face-melting material. Avoid any peppy and rhyming works. We want new, innovative works by fresh voices. Please avoid submitting what we consider “journal entries,” meaning: rants about feelings and how unfair the world is. Poetry Editor Scott Siders wants poems that are “as short and sweet as possible. Be original. Experiment. Take risks.”

Star 82 Review (*82)

Submissions: Poetry only

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/10271

"We are currently accepting work in five separate categories; you may submit in two categories (please see the specific guidelines for each or your work will not be read)… [the categories include] Erasure Text: Find a new, unrelated text in an old text. Also known as altered text: usually a page from a used book or a scan or copy that has been completely transformed with color, collage, sewing, handwriting, mixed-media, or text from other sources. Looking for both visual and verbal impact. (Erasures done only with black Sharpie are unlikely to be accepted.) Send up to two files in one submission."


Submissions:  Year-round

Duotrope:  https://duotrope.com/listing/13215

"the magazine for innovative, experimental, and visual writing"

Third Point Press

Submissions: Year-round

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/16610

"We want you to send us the stuff you know is good. We want to see the not-quite-genre and not-quite-literary. We like experiments and minimalism and conceptual writing. We like magical realism and absurdism and underrepresented perspectives. We want you to use your voice and your perspective-not just what's popular right now."

Vagabonds: Anthology Of The Mad Ones

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/13124

"Our anthology publishes twice a year. We harbor the mad ones. People who are dedicated to their work to the point that they become misunderstood, or seen as a hot mess of crazy. Our anthology does not seek to break boundaries, we want to break boundaries and go farther. We want the shameless--the deep dark, cigarettes and dirty words combo. Although there is not a set theme of what we're looking for, we often look at slice of life works."

Wicked Alice

Submissions: Women writers only

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/1129

"we seek writing that is innovative"

Window Cat Press

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/16862

"Here, we encourage innovation. Play with form! Celebrate the ways our lives intertwine via the Internet, and bring the fun back to creative expression. Free to submit to and access, Window Cat Press offers a place for young, emerging artists to share quality work as diverse as our audience. We publish a variety of media: cross-genre, collaborations, slam, etc. in addition to more traditional and widely-accepted forms."

Young Ravens Literary Review

Submissions: Reading periods vary, check site for details

Duotrope: https://duotrope.com/listing/16278

"We accept fiction, nonfiction, visual art, and poetry of all flavors, from free verse to found."

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