Beautifully done audio of Sylvia Plath’s work now available online . . .

Today is Sylvia Plath’s birthday, she would have turned 82 today; making her 40 years my senior and the same age as my grandmother. Click to listen to this radio program recording from Clocktower Radio, posted today by Aerogramme Studio.

The recording includes readings from The Beehive, Stings, Fever 103, New Statue, Cut, Contusion, Daddy,Death & Co., Angelfire, The Colossus, The Applicant, A Fatherless Son, Lesbos, and excerpts from The Bell Jar. The recording is described by Charles Ruas as a program “primarily devoted towards the dark and feminist undertones in Plath's work. This implication was magnified by the female actresses that participated in the reading of her works. The participants included; Dorothy Dells, Sandra Lowell, Jay MacIntosh, Juliana McCarthy, Constance Pfeiffer, Judith Roberts, Joan Strauss, and Sheri Tyler.”


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