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Read Utah poets published in Verse-Virtual’s November edition…

This month's edition of Verse-Virtual  not only published four of my poems, but also,  included  Utah fellow poet Colin B. Douglas whose poems are not to be missed!


Colin is “the  preeminent Mormon, surrealist, Native American (Samish Indian Nation) poet over the age of seventy writing in Utah at this time. Retired book editor; former newspaper editor and reporter. One published volume:  First Light, First Water  (Waking Lion Press, 2014).”

Please take a few minutes to browse the poems of the other incredible writers included in the October edition.

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One of my favorites by Colin…

Wedding Songs

     'The way of a man with a maid'                                                      
                                                       -Proverbs 30:19


On the first morning of our marriage,
You gave me raspberries in a white bowl.
Later we stood barefoot on sand
And let white sea foam wash about our ankles.


We lay down among flowers,
The grass sweet and wet,
Your dress wet.
Horses came near under blue sky,
Treading down the sweet grass,
And your dress was yellow among the flowers.


The whiteness of foam,
The smell of morning rain;
And as we walked on the sand,
My fingertips touched your sleeve.


I come with gifts of milk and wine,
Silver shoes, and a bough of cherries,
And enter your garden of roses.

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