Call for Submissions

Submit to Kind of a Hurricane Press to be included in one of their upcoming anthologies

Kind of a Hurricane Press has consistent calls for submissions for each of their upcoming themed anthologies. The guidelines are easy to follow and A.J. Huffman is quick to respond and runs an organized press! Her poem “from Wine, this Whimsy” was also just published by Silver Birch Press in their current Mythic Poetry Series.

Kind of a Hurricane Press publishes regular anthologies which are printed simply and beautifully and also provided electronically online for no charge. Each anthology is also listed separately on Duotrope  with details (scroll to the bottom of each listing to see related projects).

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Read their online issues to get a feel for the types of poetry they publish or you can a few examples of my work in the following anthologies:

"Empty Sockets," and "Trash Bag Burial" Tic Toc anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, May 2014.

"Espresso Noir," and "Mornings (a haiku series)" Something's Brewing anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, April 2014.


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