Reconstructed Happiness by Trish Hopkinson (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

My poem “Reconstructed Happiness” published by Silver Birch Press as part of their “I am Waiting” series to honor Lawrence Ferlinghetti for his 96th birthday. As always, published with exquisite artwork. Love this press!

Silver Birch Press

a found poem in reverse of Ferlinghetti’s “I Am Waiting”
by Trish Hopkinson

I am fleeing.
I am my typewriter.
I am green.
I am my childhood.
I am wonder.

I am the dream
of innocence in Wonderland
and I am Tom Sawyer
and I am birth, music, sound
and I am reconstructed
happiness, the storms of life
and eternal life discovered.
I am anxiously new.

I am like rain
and I am the earth
and I am salvation waiting
to be called.
I am perpetually new again.
I am the channel.
Really, I am.
I am the state of revival,
a birth of wonder—
perpetually, I am.

I am anarchy.
I am waiting to up and fly.
I am a new discovery.
I wail.
I am someone
and I am,
I am waiting.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Reconstructed Happiness” is a new poem written specifically for…

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