Found Poetry

Want to own exquisite poetry and support a good cause all at once?

Fugitive Pieces by Howie Good is a beautifully done  book of found poems published by  Right Hand Pointing Press. All proceeds from the book go to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.

“It comes with a big reward–helping where help is needed–and with a bit of art as well.”–Howie Good

Not only are the poems riveting and well composed, but  I love that by purchasing you’re not just supporting great poetry, but specifically  found poetry, AND it  supports a food bank, which I very much  appreciate. Basically, you get to support three things for the price of one!

Not sure if his poetry is for you? Click the Preview link and read a few before ordering. The first poem “The Collage Handbook” was enough to convince me.

Authors and poets, this is a fabulous idea and a great way to get your work out there while supporting a cause that you love. Please consider donating a portion or all proceeds from your published work to not only help boost sales and share your work, but to give a little something back as well.

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Click here to support  poetry and the Hudson Valley Food Bank


Review by Laura M Kaminski  Oct 30, 2014

Fugitive Pieces, painted with a palette of borrowed words, is a masterful exhibition of the paranoiac-critical method. Salvador Dali would have loved this book! (Do note that, like many of Dali’s paintings, it isn’t appropriate for younger children — but one of the (few) pluses of adulthood is that we’re entitled to enjoy gems like this one. Well done, Howie Good!

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