Paying Calls for Submissions – poetry, prose, art, etc.

These deadlines are coming up. Get those submissions in!

Trish Hopkinson

Before submitting, read my Submission Tips and to check other paying markets for emerging writers and how they are rated, download my spreadsheet: Poetry Magazine/Journal Ratings for Emerging Poets with Paying Markets

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Nashville Review

DEADLINES: You may submit fiction and poetry only during the following three months: January, May and September. Submissions in all other genres are open year-round.

NOTES: “NR seeks to feature those forms of art not traditionally recognized as literature—comics, film, music, visual art, creative nonfiction, dance, oral storytelling and other performance arts—alongside the more traditional forms of fiction and poetry.”

FORMS: Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comics, music, performance art, cover art

PAYMENT: “Fiction, nonfiction, comics, film, and dance contributors are offered a flat fee of $100 per selection. Oral story poetry and oral…

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