Paradise Hill by Sonja Johanson (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Lovely poem by Sonja Johanson published by Silver Birch Press in their “Where I Live” Series. If you have not submitted a poem to Silver Birch Press, these online series are a great place for emerging writers and published writers alike.

Silver Birch Press

by Sonja Johanson

Everyone knows where it is, it’s right
out the back of town. The families that
live up there have kept the view clear.
You can take a nice walk after dinner,
summer evenings.

After you pass the Chadbourne’s barn,
all board and batten, the Longfellows
stretch north as far as the light
will show them. The Presidentials
rise to the south, first hunter green,
then navy, then smoke. At the top
is the burying grounds, set about
with an iron railing and five-needle
pines. You can bet the hill will never
go to condos, what with the best sites
already taken by the dead.

It isn’t like Height of Land, which any fool
could find by accident, driving around
state roads. You have to go past what
looks to be important, and the way
gets kind of hinky. That keeps it mostly
for the locals…

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