#NaPoMo Role Call! – Did you participate in a National Poetry Month Project? Share your experience…

Wow, April was a whirlwind of incredible local and online opportunities for poets to strut their stuff and to write like mad. I participated in two 30/30 projects and managed to complete them both (yes, I’m tired now). You can read about both on my NaPoMo 2015 page here.

What I’d really love to know is how the month went for the rest of the online poetry community. Share your experience in the comments below, so fellow poets can check out what you were up to and start deciding which projects sound the most interesting for next year.

Here is a quick survey to get you started:

1. What project(s) did you participate in?

2. Would you consider doing the same project again?

3. Are you satisfied with the amount of work you produced?

4. Did you make new friends and/or learn new things?

5. What did you love/hate about the project?

Include a link to your work and to the info or sponsor of the project as well.

Thanks poets! And a big Congrats! to those who wrote poetry this month!

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  1. Hello! April 2015 became the fifth 30/30 challenge I’ve completed in 3 years! It is an outstanding primer for my creative mind. Feeling like I am accountable for producing new material at all times keeps me looking for places where new material sometimes feels like it’s “hiding,” when in reality it’s always available.

    I’ve tried joining online groups with others, but my scattered brain always leaves me feeling like I’m shorting other members by not responding to their individual pieces. My Facebook connections with hundreds of slam poets across the nation allow me for good reading material all month long without having to find a specific group, and I’m less inclined to feel the need or “have to” when it comes to responding.

    My posting site is and sees a good amount of traffic on a daily basis. My new posts averaged 25 views per day, and one of my 30/30 personal challenges from 18 months ago has been viewed 773 times as of my writing this.

    Anyway, now the challenge is over, it is back to a little more introspection and grind in order to polish work that will hopefully be deemed publishable!


    Travis Laurence Naught

    • Thanks Travis! Did you have specific prompts or participate in a specific challenge, or did you choose to participate by writing 30 poems in April? I’ll definitely visit your blog. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I was part of PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts) sponsored by The Found Poetry Review, writing a found poem a day to 30 different prompts. It was great fun and learning, and yes I’d do it over again. Although FPR has a different project each April, I’ll no doubt use some of the prompts again on my own. I committed to 15 poems but managed to complete all 30. I wasn’t sure I could figure out how to finish all 30 but left the most technically imposing ones till the end and observed how others were doing them, which gave me ideas and courage to proceed. I learned a lot about language because each prompt required a new perspective on the source text. We had a Facebook page and the interactions there were invaluable. I feel as if I have many poet friends I’ve never met. I also loved the joking and sharing of fears, concerns, likes, dislikes, hopes, etc. among participants. The only difficulty was the size of the group (213), which made it difficult to comment on all. I’m sure I missed many good poems.

    • Thanks so much for commenting Mary, that was a great description of the FPR challenge! It was the second one I have done with them, and yes, last year there were only about 85 poets and it was much easier to keep up on reading and commenting. I tried things I never would have attempted… like the Xacto knife cut out poem… I was worried about finishing that one, but was really happy with the finished product. All in all, great fun!

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