Do you know how to promote your writing using social media?

Trish Hopkinson

A great, quick article from Writer’s Circle provides tips on how to get the most out of your social media efforts and promote your writing in an effective way, including information for the following top six tips:

6 Social Media Tips for Writers

  1. Don’t promote yourself 24/7
  2. Pick platforms that you actually like to use
  3. Utilize “About Me” sections so they’re clear for potential followers
  4. Think inside and outside the box
  5. Share social media success with potential publishers
  6. Use it as a research tool

AND links to a similar article on Mashable with ten more additional tips with great advice on social media:

10 Pro Tips for Writers Using Social Media

  1. Sign Up for the Big Networks
  2. Interact and Engage — Enthusiastically
  3. Minimize Self-Promotion
  4. Consider Privacy and Comfort Levels
  5. Find a Happy Medium
  6. Make Valuable Connections
  7. Keep Up Appearances
  8. Aspiring Writers vs. Seasoned Writers
  9. Don’t Obsess Over Number of Followers
  10. Don’t Force It

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