Call for Submissions

FREE Online Experimental Writing Project from the OSU-Cascades Collective

Previous fellow student and friend of mine, Austin Anderson, recently shared an intriguing writing experiment project his MFA creative writing group is conducting this summer.

We are Plenum, the website for the inaugural cohort of OSU-Cascades Collective, a brave new world in low-residency MFA creative writing adventures. This site is where we emerge from our chrysalis and ask you to join us in engaging transient and transformational art.

They have a beautifully designed web presence with scheduled prompts for the next eight weeks and are looking for writers to engage!

This week’s prompt scheduled from June 22 – 28 is entitled:

The Mixtape: a Field Guide to (Wilderness) Interrogation & (Feral) Appropriation

. . . and asks writers to post responses to a “14-question vertical interrogation,” by clicking the comment bubble icon below the prompt. 16 writers have already responded, so you can get a feel for how others are interpreting the experiment.

They are inviting writers to “come play,” and to “disappear” into a personal writing experience.

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