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Paying Call for Submissions – Contrary Magazine pays $20, Deadline Sept. 1, 2015!

Contrary doesn’t charge fees for submissions, but they do pay contributors. Per their site, payment “for original commentary, fiction, and poetry, Contrary Magazine pays $20 per author per issue, regardless of the number of works or nature of the submission. Reviews and Contrary Blog posts are usually unpaid.”

They also provide detailed information on what they are looking for on the submission page for each genre and even provide the name of the editor so you can successfully create a cover page without guessing to whom you should address it.

For example, for poetry, “We believe poetry is contrary by nature, always defying, always tonguing the tang of novelty. We look especially for plurality of meaning, for dual reverberation of beauty and concern. Contrary's poetry in particular often mimics the effects of fiction or commentary. We find ourselves enamored of prose poems because they are naturally contrary toward form - they tug on the forces of exposition or narrative - but prose poems remain the minority of all the poetic forms we publish. Please consider that Contrary receives vast amounts of poetry and that we can publish only a small percentage of that work. Please submit no more than three poems per issue. Our poetry editor is Shaindel Beers.”

DEADLINE: September 1, 2015

IMPORTANT NOTE: They do not send rejection emails or respond to inquiries. If your work does not appear in the next issue, it was rejected. 

Click here for their submission guidelines.

If you subscribe to Duotrope, click here to read their interview with the Contrary editors.

As with all submissions, read the guidelines carefully and read what you can of their previous issues to make sure your work is a good fit. Click here for more Submission Tips.

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