Call for Submissions

NO FEE Call for Submission – Two Cities DEADLINE: Sept 1, 2015

All categories are accepting submissions without a donation until September 1. Submissions with a $3 donation via Submittable are open year round to help support the magazine.

To read more about Two Cities and their editors, read their About page here. “Two Cities Review is a new online review featuring quality fiction, non-fiction, and poetry,” and has been publishing quarterly issues since Spring 2014.

Before submitting, make sure to visit their archives to see what types of work they publish. If you appreciate the work, please consider subscribing. Subscriptions are only $5 for two issues or $10 a year.

For more info on submitting, read my Submission Tips here.

Click here to read submission guidelines and submit.

DEADLINE: Sept. 1, 2015 (year round with $3 donation)


FORMS:  Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Images, Video and audio


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