Calls for Submissions with Queer Focuses

Thanks to the staff of peculiar for the recommendation and also for sharing six open calls for LGBTQIA-friendly lit mags… check them out and if you qualify, get those submissions in!

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Calls for SubmissionsOur dear friend Trish Hopkinson, one of the main organizers of the Provo poetry group, Rock Canyon Poets, also has her own website where she talks about poetry and often posts calls for submissions. She has been published in several journals and offers a lot of support to the staff of peculiar. We love her!

She’s recently been sending submission notices our way that she thinks peculiar writers might also be interested in. So while we’re hard at work making our final selections for the second issue of peculiar, here are some other journals that are currently taking submissions from queer writers:

  • Assaracus, currently seeking a portfolio of up to ten poems from specifically gay men.
  • Feminist Spaces, currently seeking academic papers, creative writing, and art on the topic “Queering Feminism: LGBTQ and Feminist Intersectionality.” Deadline is October 15th.
  • Educe, currently seeking poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from…

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